Placement Papers: Polaris Selection Test Pattern

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The selection test was on Aug 20, 2003 and it was very easy comprising queations of aptitude test from R. S Aggarwal and GRE analytical questions. The performance in the test will be ranked and they'll invite you to the interview. I got 306/800 all india rank.


It was very easy and will cover your area of interest and Basics from c, c + + and data structures. The interviewers will be very friendly and will also give you a chance to speak.

I am posted in Chennai, Spencer Plaza Phase 3 and gotta report on October 13 th.

I was really inspired reading the experiences of people who got into a good company thru the group. All of us belonging to the group are lucky and we just have to work hard with the right attitude.

The Written Test Pattern:

Analogy (35 Q)

Quanatitative (45 Q)

Verbal (40 Q)

In Total, We ‘d to attend 120 Qs in 90 Min, so we’ d to race against the time. The English paper was just a bit higher than Spoken English, but was not hi-fi like GRE English. But this could b completed within 15 min. And reg-ve marnking, nothing was mentioned, so we' d to refrain from wild guessing. There was no restriction of order of the sections, we cud attend it in any order. And Persaonl Interview was quite cool.


  1. tech test objective questions 20 min 30 qu. Covering core java, JSP, EJB, SQL

  2. tech interview asked some advanced basics of java, jsp, servlets (can ask EJB, RMI if u say i know)

  3. meet with HR told abt bond (2 yrs) position-Trainee (as told 2 me, i think that depends on performence in interview)

  4. meet with one higher authority

they told will get back to me in a week.