Placement Papers: Prodex Technologies Feb 6 2004

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

  1. Group Interview- (Almost like HR interview) -15 persons in a group (total 180 students).

    • Tell me about urself

    • Tell abt the company

    • How u define success

    • Aim in ur life

    • Project

    • similar type of questions

  2. All questions based on C + ± 20 questions in 30 mins (not very difficult) (total 72 students)

  3. HR Interview (total 15 students)

  4. Psychometry Test (personality test) (total 7 students) Some Questions

    1. two questions based on aliasing concept in c + + (swap)

    2. few questions based on Inheritance

    3. base constructors, derived constructors

    4. some tricky questions using while, for and if loops

    5. some oops concepts-polymorphism (overloading)

    6. Find output