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Qwest software services visited our college sjce (mysore) on 21 september. The cutoff was 60% with 1 current backlog. Branches allowed were CS, IS, EC, EE, IT, TELEOCOM and MECH

The selection procedure consisted of 4 rounds

  1. written test

  2. group discussion

  3. technical interview

  4. HR interview

Written Test

The written test consisted of 50 questions and we were given 60 min to answer them. Out of the 50 questions 30 were based on aptitude and 20 on verbal. The verbal section was relatively easier, questions like “choose the correct alternative for the underlined word in the sentence given below” (5 ques.), “synonyms and antonyms” (5 ques) and the rest 10 was “fill in the blank with the correct preposition… Etc. Etc”

The apti questions were totally based on R. S agarwal. The numerous topics covered were Numbers and number series, percentage, profit and loss… And some puzzle based questions, and also some questions on analytical reasoning. Ill give you one sample question (I only remember one question… Sorry! )

IF 6: 3: 8: __

The answer is 5. The word 6 contains 3 letters ( ‘S’ ‘I’ ‘X’ ) so the word eight contains 5 letters ( ‘E’ ‘I’ ‘G’ ‘H’ ‘T’ )


31 students were short listed for GD. They were divided into 4 batches of 8 each. The topic given to our batch was “why most of the chefs in hotels are men?” we were given initially 2 min to think and then 10 min to talk. Topic given to other batches were “lead India campaign” “what are the things you would gain or lose if u r a celebrity?” (one more batch i dont remember)


Out of 31 students 11 were shortlisted for tech and HR interviews. In the tech interview he first asked me to

“write a c program to check whether a given number is a pallindrome or not?” He then asked me which my fav subject was, i said software engineering, So he asked me some questions based on SE

“write a block diagram of waterfall model and explain”

“what do you mean by software development life cycle (SDLC)?”

“what is v-model?” (I didnt know wat it was, I said i dont know)

“what are the different types of testing?”

i said stress testing and defect testing, he asked me to explain them in detail with example.

He asked me y i was so interested in testing, i said that i had no specific reason and that i simply liked that domain. Some of the questions asked to the other students are

“write a c program to reverse a given string”

“write an ALP to find sqrt of a number” (this question was for an EC student so CS guys can relax! )

So. Thats about it in the technical interview


Some basic HR questions were asked

“Tell me about yourself____etc… Etc”

“why do you want to join Qwest” (make sure to show them that you have enthusiasm and eagerness to join qwest)?

“which domain do you prefer to work”

and they asked me do you any questions for us, i asked them

How often u conduct performance reviews in your company (this question always works)