Placement Papers: RS Software Placement Paper Verbal

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Directions: Give the synonyms for the following words

  1. Depreciation: Deflation, depression, devaluation, fall, slump

  2. Deprecate: Feel and express disapproval

  3. Incentive: Thing one encourages one to do (stimulus)

  4. Echelon: Level of authority or responsibility

  5. Innovation: Make changes or introduce new things

  6. Intermittent: Externally stopping and then starting

  7. Detrimental: Harmful

  8. Conciliation: Make less angry or more friendly

  9. Orthodox: Conventional or traditional, superstitious

  10. Fallible: Liable to error

  11. Volatile: Ever changing

  12. Manifest: Clear and obvious

  13. Connotation: Suggest or implied meaning of expression

  14. Reciprocal: Reverse or opposite

  15. Agrarian: Related to agriculture

  16. Vacillate: Undecided or dilemma

  17. Expedient: Fitting proper, desirable

  18. Simulate: Produce artificially resembling an existing one.

  19. Access: To approach

  20. Compensation: Salary

  21. Truncate: Shorten by cutting

  22. Adherence: Stick

  23. Heterogeneous: Non similar things

  24. Surplus: Excessive

  25. Assess: Determine the amount or value

  26. Cognizance: Knowledge

  27. Retrospective: Review

  28. Naive: Innocent, rustic

  29. Equivocate: Tallying on both sides, lie, mislead

  30. Postulate: Frame a theory

  31. Latent: Dormant, secret

  32. Fluctuation: Wavering

  33. Eliminate: To reduce

  34. Affinity: Strong liking

  35. Expedite: Hasten

  36. Console: To show sympathy

  37. Adversary: Opposition

  38. Affable: Lovable or approachable

  39. Decomposition: Rotten

  40. Agregious: Apart from the crowd, especially bad

  41. Conglomeration: Group, collection

  42. Aberration: Deviation

  43. Augury: Prediction

  44. Creditability: Ability to common belief, quality of being credible

  45. Coincident: Incidentally

  46. Constituent: Accompanying

  47. Differential: Having or showing or making use of

  48. Litigation: Engaging in a law suit

  49. Moratorium: Legally or officially determined period of delay before fulfillment of the agreement of paying of debts.

  50. Negotiate: Discuss or bargain

  51. Preparation: Act of preparing

  52. Preponderant: Superiority of power or quality

  53. Relevance: Quality of being relevant

  54. Apparatus: Appliances

  55. Ignorance: Blindness, in experience

  56. Obsession: Complex enthusiasm

  57. precipitate: Speed, active