Placement Papers: Redpine Paper 2006 at GNIS Hyderabad

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

I have attended the REDPINE company of domine company for ECE students. The cut off is 70%.

First there is a written test and then interview.

Written test consists of 4 secetions





Each questions carry weightage differently

Digital: It includes both STLD, VHDL and Microprocesers.

  1. Design 3: 1 multiplexer using one tri-state buffer, AND gates and NOT gates.

  2. The no of 2-input XOR gates required to design 19-inprt XOR gate?

  3. A 26Kbyte memory, there is memory it contains 12 adderss lines and 4 bit data bus, the number of these type of memories required to design 26Kbyte memory?

  4. Write a VHDL or Verilog HDL code for input: a, clock, reset output: Out out is assigned to 1 when a is ‘1’ for two clock cycles.

  5. what is the output of following fig. 100ps is the delay for XOR gate and 50ps for AND gate. All + ve and-ve edges start at boundaries of nanoseconds (actually the output of fig is A (B (notC). + (not B) C), and the waveforms are given).

  6. design forwhich the output is 10MHz clock, input to that circuit is 30MHz. Communications:

  7. What is shonan's theorem?

  8. X is Gaussianly distribuyed signal

    1. p (X ⇐ infinte) =?

    2. X is zreo mean and a unit variance random variable, them find the mean and variance of y

    y = 2X + 5.

  9. because of error 000 is coded insted of 0, 111insted of 1. Then what is the error correction and error detection capability of the system?

  10. A deterministic signal whose pdf is given then we have to find the minimum sampling frequency needed?

  11. one question on bit rate____ (i didn't rember exactly)

  12. what is the application os MS world and Msperfect application is?

  13. write a c code for factrial using recursion.

  14. some statements are given like putup: Then lift the pen move accordingly without drawing aline, FD N: Move forward (N distance) LD N: Move left at an angle of 90 degrees then move N RD N: Move right at an angle of 90 degrees then move N putdown: Draw alin following instructions what is the output of following code putdown FD 10 putup LD 1 FD 2 putdown RD 8 so on like is____

  15. what is the output int a[10] = { 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}; int * p = a; printf ( “%d\n” * p + + )

  16. two genaral knowledge questions.

  17. what is expansion of GMSK?

  18. find out the 5 digit number in that 4th digit is 4 nore than the second digit, 3rd digit is 3 less the 2nd digit andfirst is 3 times the last digit?

some more questions are there in this section, but they are somewhat easy.

Best of Luck… P. RADHA