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  1. Mental Aptitude consisting of 60 − 65 ques, time 35min, cutoff 60%, very simple basically fr verbal reasoning and ratio, comparisions, ap (progressions), simpe logics. There was 2 section in this test. First mental ability. This was mainly contane english language question little bit strange naaaa. q like sun related to light then automobile to. Quantative question was very-very simple like if 3 pen cost 5 cent then how much in 10 cent. Some synoname like disgarce and other word. Then very simple question like if first 2 statment is correct then what about 3rd according to given fact. So don't be hopless u may got call for next time. But u need good speed because u have to do 75 question in 30 minute

  2. Technical Aptitude.

(questions 25 time, 30 min, cutoff 50%, questions from electronics and networks)

after clearing these u will have 2 rounds of interviews: Technical and 1 for HR

second was Subject paper.

This paper contane ~20 question of software engg like testing of software (white black regresion acceptane) it was my weak point so be prepare for this for next

time u also. 6 question for unix like (cat wc and other command) then 10 question of C programe. 5 question of JAVA and some general question. But these people was not sure in there paper multiple ans is correct or not. As primitive data type (question 27)

  1. Byte

  2. string

  3. int

  4. float