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Hello Friends.

I have given test of Reliance Infocomm recently

MAT 75Qs 45 min

very simple

b very quick

question from RS agarwal quanty, verbal, nonverbal

solve selective Qs only, dont stick to some Qs

leave the first part i.e., series its tough

cut off is 38 marks out of 75

here quickness is the key

most ans are in b and c options

Sample Qs

series 3, 8, 63, _

ans 632 − 1

6, 8, 10, 44, _

2, 8, 16, 128, 256, etc

2/sqrt (5), ⅗ 4/5sqrt (5), 5/25, __

ans: 6/25sqrt (5)

then alphabets


this type

MADRAS is coded as NBESBT

PAPER is coded as SCTGW

BOMBAY is coded asCPNCBZ

If MIRACLES is coded as MIRLACES then GIGANTIC is coded as?


bf, ch, ek, ho, __

ans lt

D, F, J, M, R

A complex arragement of who is eldest among, a small passage (logical) was given. I dont rem passage but age order is as follows (starts with eldest)

anu, jayant, malti, hari, kalim

(this passage is in the end its v easy solve it first)

one more passage above this 1

also simple based on relations

there were 1father, 1Grandfather, 1mother n 3 brothers-sisters

detect whos who was v simple

it was: D is father of A, D is granfather of F, C is sister of B

dont remember properly plz chk

one prob on avg

ans 25.5

2 problems on directions (N, S, E, W) damn simple

how many days r there b/w 26 jan and 15 may including both (i think a leap yr was given)

one qs on which date does 29th fall

ans: monday

blood relations

age problems

prob on ages one of the ans is 12

geometry (how many traingles r there)

from quant-profit loss, speed, trains, area, vol.

complex arrangements (logical)

10 Qs on synonyms and antonyms

solve last 10 Qs they r V easy

remember to be quick n solve max Qs

no-ve marking

next was Technical Test 50Q 30min

25 cut off

it was damn easy

sepearte paper 4 etrx n cse students

All the best