Placement Papers: Reliance Paper on 3rd Nov at Mumbai

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I m selected for the post of TRAINEE ENGINEEr in BECREL.

BecRel is JVof Indian company Relience n Top British constuction company BECHTEL.

I hav applied through Ril site only. On 28th octomber I got a mail through RIL hr.

Saying I hav to apear for interview n aptitude test.

The selection procedure was simple enough.

They conduct 2 apti.

General apti and Technical apti

  • The General was unbelievably easy.
  • Just english n maths Q were asked.
  • Just prepare RS AGRAWAL n u will b through:
  • The technical was worth preparing
  • Prepare Soil, Survey, Quantity analisis, structure both steel n concrete.
  • Structural analysis____
  • N then there comes THE TECHNICAL INTERVIEW.
  • There were 2 interviewers both of Very experienced____
  • They asked me A LOT OF Q like____
  • Why u choose CIVIL only?
  • Did u tried to cahnge it?
  • Whts the meaning of ur name?
  • Why ur name is GITA only?
  • Then they throw some technical q like design a beam with 5t m moment
  • design a column n alll that
  • Then they wanted me to explain my BE project
  • after that they were interested in my BE seminar____
  • Then after 50min struglllle they said u r throu____
  • After that They conduct HR INTERVIEW____

N at the end of the day____

They said they will send me APPOINTMENT Latter.

N now I m in BecRel____