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  1. In mental Aptitude 75% easy only 25% u have to work

  2. they had given the proverbs and we have to find meaning, 8 to 9 Ques from this model

  3. Find out the. Wrong number from a given series, 5 to 6 Ques from this model Ex. 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 180 here 180 is wrong number

  4. Antomonys I got following one hope, hate, awkward

  5. simple arithmetic like

    1. cost 3 pencils is 5cents then wat is cost of 5 pencils

    2. The length of cotton cloth is 36cm, After washing it becomes 33cm, lly wat is resulatant length of cloth having 30cm after washed

    5 to 6 Questions from this model

  6. venn diagrams Some Questions they had given like that, Whcich one is Odd one in below Electric bulb is related to candle and Automobile is related to _________ Which is part of tree, Some thing realed like this only Note: Refer Verbal Reasoning by Examrace Placement Series From This Model I got 4 to 5 Questions Next one is they had Given a Series of Numbers and ask the Questions like this Fine Number of (Certain Number) Which is follwed by 5 but not preceded by 7 From above model 4 to 5 Questions will come

Technical Questions

  1. what is 3 rd pin of op amp

    1. inverting i/p

    2. Non inverting i/p

    3. Output

  2. In thermocouples they ask like this Ansi symbol of ________ Thermocouple is i.e.we have J, k, … Etc thermocouple study combinatin of metals, 2 Ques will come

  3. TCP/IP stands for[ ]

  4. ISO stands for[ ]

  5. which of following is the Example for mass flow meter

    1. orifice

    2. Turbine

    3. Venturi

    4. Rotameter

  6. The output of Turbine Flow meter is ()

    1. linear

    2. Non Linear

  7. which of following OP amp is used to strenghten the week signal ()

    1. 741

    2. op 07

    3. 710

  8. What is the cause for the CMRR ()

    1. 2 grounds in the circuit

    2. one grounds in the circuit

    3. NO grounds in the circuit

  9. The beta ratio in flow meter is ()

    1. d/D

    2. D/d loke that where d, D r the dia of internal and external of device

  10. which of following is not true in magnetic flow meter/ultrasonic flowmwter (some thing like that, I can't Retrieve, But that flow meter is based on principle of Doppler Effect)

    1. It places Horizantally

    2. It places vertically

    3. It maesures slurry fluids

  11. Rotameter also Known as () I can't retrieve the optons, sorry Note: Friends pls concentrate more on Flow meters

  12. pirani Guages are Used to measure ()

    1. pressure

    2. temperature

    3. Veloctiy

  13. Which of following os more Accurate one to measure the Temerature ()

    1. RTD

    2. Thermister

    3. Thermocouple

  14. 1 ATM =

  15. 1 mil = _________ ()

    1. 10mm

    2. 0.001 inch

    3. 0.01 inch

  16. Floating power supply is prefer due to ____________ ()

  17. Priciple involved in level Measuremet ()

    1. Hook's law

    2. Newton's law like that

  18. one more Questions is asked on the level

  19. one more Questions is asked on the level

  20. which of the following method used to measure the Hydrogen Sulphide ()

    1. Thermal Conductivity

    2. FCD

    3. FID like that

  21. which fo following gas have the paramagnatic property ()

    1. CO2

    2. Oxgen

  22. The reset controller is Used ()

    1. to reduce the offset

    2. to Increase the Offeset like that

  23. when we increase the proportional gain the ()

    1. Decrease the Settling time

    2. Increase the Settling time

    3. I can't retrive

    4. both a and b

    5. both b and c

  24. Which fo following is best one ()

    1. Propotional Band with 60%

    2. propotinal Band with 100%

    3. Propotional Band with 150%

  25. which of something on control valve, i.e.which one is tight cintrol valve

    1. Roman 4

    2. Roman letter 5

    3. Roman 6

  26. The I to P converter is Used ()

    1. to control the o/p

    2. to monitor the o/p (There are very close meanin)

  27. They had given OP_amp, then we have to identify the function of op amp IN My exam They given Integrator

  28. To Reduce the Magnetic effect the best one is_________

    1. Shielding

    2. twisted pair

  29. which of following cable have less attenuation

    1. cable

    2. Twisted pair

    3. Co axial cable

    4. optical fiber

  30. the binary equalent of 6 is__________

  31. The decimal Equalent os 1000 is_____________

  32. which of following is Uesd at high temp/Example of nin contac Temperature Sensor is__________

    1. RTD

    2. Optical Pyrometer

    3. thermocouple

  33. The Square root Extarction is necessary in

    1. Orifice

    2. venturi

    3. flow nozzle

  34. The flow is propotinal to __________

    1. Square root of DP

    2. Square of DP

    3. DP where DP is Differential Pressure

  35. In thermowell they asked one Question

  36. Some material is used in Pirani Guages, whet is purpose of material, optons are like that

    1. to reduce the corrison

    2. to increase stability

  37. Barriers are used to______________ Sorry i can't get the options

  38. in computers they asked, the content in pc remains same if power off due ()

    1. It have RAM with back up battery

    2. It saved in PA

  39. which of the following is the example of active transducer ()

    1. RTD

    2. Thermocouple

    3. Thermistor

  40. which of following is used to convert machine language into assembly language ()

    1. Complier

    2. Interpreter

    3. Assembler

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