Placement Papers: Bosch 2005 Paper

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The paper was easy if u have basic knowledge of electronics and C.

Most of the questions were of average difficulty.

45 technical Questions and 35 Aptitude questions

Total Time 1: 30 Hours

2 marks for correct answers and-1 for wrong answers.

U have to study the following things (Only Basic)

  1. advantage of DRAM over SRAM.
  2. about OP-amp Gain and Bandwidth.
  3. FET, MOSFET, Transirors.
  4. Boolean Algebra.
  5. Logic Gates.
  6. Digital Arithmetic.
  7. If u want to get through C, Study “Let Us C Solutions” By Kanetkar.

and at last for the aptitude test no preparation is required if ur funda՚s of 8th 9th 10th mathematics r good.

study english carefully should b able to correct sentences grammatically.

5 words were given to find out their meanings. Like manor, inept, descerning, etc

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