Placement Papers: Bosch Paper 2006

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These are the interview questions i was asked in the Bosch on /2006.

First of all he asked՚s like tell me abt ur self, ur CET rank, and he also asked my maths score.

Then he started with the tech stuff

  1. diff b/w DOS and UNIX?
  2. which subject r u proficient in? (me C ++) ?
  3. wat is the diff b/w c and c ++ ?
  4. wat is features of c ++ ?
  5. wat is polymorphism? ex.
  6. details abt my project?
  7. lot of dbms stuff-wat is normalization? how many codd rules r there? wat r they? why do nedd them?
  8. some queries? -wat does group by do? one query was-there is a relation called Salary which has attributes like empid, salary, level of employee. The q was group all the employees according th thier level, and calculate the sum of all salaries in aparticular level?
  9. diff types of databases?
  10. abt the system software lab project?
  11. the some unusual stuff from maths? integration, differentiation
  12. Puzzles
    1. There r three jars of capacity 8,5 and 3 ltrs. U have to take out exactly 4 ltrs from the 8 ltr jar which is full initially and the other two jar (5 and 3) are empty.
    2. next no. In the sequence 1 2 4 7 12 ________

    Lastly he asked if i have any questions?

    Hope all this stuff becomes useful if u have any future interviews with Bosch

    The paper was easy if u have basic knowledge of electronics and C.

    Most of the questions were of average difficulty.

    45 technical Questions and 35 Aptitude questions

    Total Time 1: 30 Hours

    2 marks for correct answers and-1 for wrong answers.


U have to study the following things (Only Basic)

  1. advantage of DRAM over SRAM.
  2. about OP-amp Gain and Bandwidth.
  3. FET, MOSFET, Transirors.
  4. Boolean Algebra.
  5. Logic Gates.
  6. Digital Arithmetic.
  7. If u want to get through C, Study “Let Us C Solutions” By Kanetkar.

and at last for the aptitude test no preparation is required if ur funda՚s of 8th 9th 10th mathematics r good.

study english carefully should b able to correct sentences grammatically.

5 words were given to find out their meanings. Like manor, inept, descerning, etc

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