Placement Papers: Robert Bosch Paper on 3rd Mar 2007 Coimbatore

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There was a total of 80 questions for 80 minutes____ use only pencils…

questions are.

  1. Big Indian is an____ (Ans ordering of bytes)

  2. 76f16 + 76f16

  3. Question on 2s complement

  4. inheritance is (forgot choices)

  5. if (test () ) { i + + } i will be incremented only when value of test = 1

  6. transfering of pages from memory to peripheral devices through buffer is (spooling)

  7. A basic question on dynamic binding

  8. many questions on data structures but i dint attend those

  9. i[0] = 1; i[1] = 2 int * pi; i = pi; printf ( “%d %d” * pi + 1 + ( * pi + 1) ) (repeated)

  10. array containingstring is (group of characters ending with/0)

  11. Sorry friends i remember ony these but all were repeated just learn basics regarding apti it wAS only 5 (avg, time n work, venn dia type) ____1 logical reasonong question…… 1 data interpretation very very easy… English was a bit tough since there is no sectional cut off… No problrm…… All the best friends…

Technical interview will be in ther field of interest only____