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Interview Pattern:

Technical Interview: Discussion on the written paper. How did u solved the problem? explain him about that. Small discussion on yr project for a while. Simple technical questions related to project. Simple language question: Collections in java. Types of joins in SQL. If u want to ask something about sapient etc?

Hint: Ask something good. Eg kind of projects they are doing. Processes they follow. How do they capture the requirements etc.

Business Interview 1: Hr interview. Behavioral questions. How will u react in some conditions. How how did u reacted.

  1. Give an example when your boss is not agreed with u. What did u do?

  2. Give an example when u had a clash with your peer. What did u do?

  3. Give an example when u faced some ambiguous situation (when u are not understanding the things properly). what did u do?

  4. Give an example when u faced some stressful situation. What did u do?

  5. Did u make some decision of your own to carry out something. And suggested this to yr boss and your boss agreed?

Hint: Ask some good question. Like how open the environment is? is a junior person part of design? what is the responsibility of a member for the proper working of project?

Business Interview 2: This was more of type 2 only. But they will tell about sapient. And u may ask as many question as u want. Now u can again ask the same question asked in previous 2 interviews.