Placement Papers: SQL Star TechnicalOperating System

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  1. Which is not process state in Os

    1. ready

    2. i/o wait

    3. start

    4. stop

  2. Which one is correct

    1. Soft real time is more precise

    2. Hard real time is used used for washing machine

    3. Hard real time is used for robotics

    4. Soft real time is faster than Hard

  3. The reasons for deadlock are (Multiple answers)

    1. Mutual exclusion

    2. Priority Inversion

    3. Priority Inheritance

    4. Hold and Wait

  4. A semaphore is used for (Multiple answers)

    1. Mutual exclusion

    2. Synchronization

    3. Resource management

    4. Memory Management

  5. _________________ is a memory _management scheme that permits the physical address space of a process to be noncontiguous.

  6. ______________ is a lightweight process.

  7. Internal fragmentation is caused in

    1. Segmentation

    2. Paging

    3. Thrashing

    4. i/o queue

  8. _____________ keeps track of a proceses creation tine as well as the cpu time that it consumes during its lifetime

  9. ______________--required to complete a critical task within a guaranteed amount of time

  10. In polling mode the kernel checks each I/O device if it generated an interrupt or not. True/False?