Placement Papers: SSA Global Technical

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  1. Binary equivalent of 52 Ans. 110100

  2. Hexadecimal equivalent of 3452 Ans. 72A

  3. Explain Just In Time Concept? Ans. Elimination of waste by purchasing manufacturing exactly when needed.

  4. A good way of unit testing s/w program is Ans. User test

  5. A lowest level of security by most RDBMS is

  6. OOT uses Ans. Encapsulated of detect methods

  7. EDI useful in Ans. Electronic Transmission

  8. MRPII different from MRP Ans. Modular version of man redundant initials

  9. Hard disk time for R/W head to move to correct sector Ans. Latency Time

  10. The percentage of times a page number bound in associate register is called Ans. Bit ratio

  11. Expand MODEM Ans. Modulator & Demodulator

  12. RDBMS file system can be defined as Ans. Interrelated

  13. Super Key is Ans. Primary key & Attribute

  14. Windows 95 supports

    1. Multiuser

    2. n tasks

    3. Both

    4. None

    Ans (a).

  15. The difference between printf & fprintf is?

  16. To change permission r&w to owner group to no permission to others

    1. chmod 614

    2. chmod 604

    3. chmod 640

    4. chmod 310

Other important topics:

Pipeline Architecture

LAPB protocol