Placement Papers: STMicroelectronics Placement Paper Aptitude

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  1. Which of the following no. Can be represented w/o any error using IEEE format (64 bits-1 bit sign bit, exponent 7, mantissa 56)

    1. 2

    2. 4

    3. 5

    4. none

  2. CRC polynomial is given. Message is given. Find the message to be transmitted.

  3. what r the gates used in half adder.

  4. Simplify a Boolean equation (Karnaugh map is used to solve)

  5. which of the devices can be used as latch?

    1. JK F/F

    2. SR latch

    3. Data F/F

    4. T F/F

  6. the probability of the message coming out of a source is ½ ¼ ⅛ ⅛ What is the information content in the message?

    1. 6/5

    2. 7/4

    3. 1

    4. none

  7. How many page faults r required for swapping given pages using LRU algo. For a frame size of 3.

  8. The time of exec. Of 4 processes P1 − P4 r given using Round robin (1 sec) method find the time taken for P4 to finish?

  9. main () { fork (); fork (); fork () } How many processes are created?

  10. a. While (; ) b. While (; ) { sleep (); }

    1. which of the following is true?

    2. execution time of a is more than b

    3. execution time of b is more than a

    4. similarly 2 more options r given.

  11. mov sp, addr call addr pop sp what is the value stored in sp and hl?

  12. Y catches 5 times more fishes than X. If total number of fishes caught by X and Y is 48, then number of fishes caught by X? Ans: 8

  13. Y catches 5 times more fishes than X. If total number of fishes caught by X and Y is 42, then number of fishes caught by X? Ans: 7

  14. If a train covers 600m in 0.5 seconds, how long it will cover in 10 seconds? Ans: 3000m = 3km

  15. The girl's age is twice that of boy, if the boy is four years old. After four years the age of the girl is Ans: 12 years

  16. Sister's age is twice than that of the brother. If the brother's age is six, what is the sister's age after two years? Ans: 14 Yrs.

  17. Two lemons cost 10 cents. Then one and a half dozen cost Ans: 90 cents

  18. A clock is late by 1 minute 27 seconds in a month. Then how much will it be late in 1 day? Ans: 2.9 seconds

  19. Which of the following figures together will make a triangle? Ans: a, b, c, d

  20. Make a square by drawing only one line Ans: Line 2 − 5, square 2 − 3 − 4 − 5 − 2

  21. Which of the following is the odd one? crew, constellation, companion, league, participants. Ans: Companion

  22. Opposite of Remote?

    1. Far

    2. Near

    3. Huge

    4. Village

  23. Statement A: All great men are ridiculous; Statement B: I am ridiculous; Inference: I am a great man

    1. True

    2. False

    3. Not clear

  24. Statement: Normal children are active; Inference: All children are active

    1. True

    2. False

    3. Uncertain

  25. Next number in the series 1, ½ ¼ ⅛ Ans: 1/16

  26. In 6 seconds a light flashes once. In one hour how many times it will flash? Ans: 601 times

  27. At 20% discount, a cycle is sold at a selling price of 2500 Rs. What is the actual price? Ans: Rs. 3125

  28. Statement A: A & B have same age; Statement B: B is younger than C; Inference: A is younger than C

    1. True

    2. False

    3. Uncertain

  29. All chickens lay eggs (True/False) Ans: False

  30. A invests $12000, B invests $8000, C invests $6000 and they got a profit of $1200. How much share A got more than B and C?

Ans: 2/13 and 3/13