Placement Papers: STMicroelectronics Placement Paper Pattern 29 August 2007

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Hello Friends, Neha Here

This was the paper of ST microelectronics held at Thapar University on 29 august, 2007

There were 3 types of paper.

  1. IT (For MCA students)

  2. Embedded Software (For BE (CS) and ME/Mtech (CS) )

  3. Hardware (For BE (ECE branches) and ME/MTech (ECE) )


All of this paper had different no. Of questions:

I had given paper of embedded software so I am giving its details. Paper had two part:

  1. 1 marks questions (10 questions of aptitude and 10 questions on OS, Microprocessor and DS)

  2. 2 marks questions on C (15 questions)

Part 1

1 marks questions were like (Aptitude was quite easy)

  1. There is pipe with given radius, a small pipe of given radius. How many pipes of smaller radius will contain the same quantity of liquid kept by larger radius tube?

  2. A ladder is standing against a wall of 25m height at a distance of 7 km from wall. Suddenly Ladder slips 4m down from top. How much will it move from the earlier 7m distance from the wall?

  3. A person likes 225 not 224, like 900 not 800, from given vat will he like? 1600, 1500. Answer is simply ny given square term (1600). c pattern of his liking

  4. Three co-ordinates of triangle was given. We had too find type of triangle it is.

  5. A square is cut from a circle and a circle is cut from that square. How much area is remaining?

  6. In equilateral triangle a circle is drawn. In that circle one square is drawn. Find the ratio of area of equilateral triangle to square?

  7. Question on simple average speed.

  8. Question on angle between hands of a clock?