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  1. Int * p; P = (int * p) malloc (100); Wat is sizeof (p), sizeof ( * p)

  2. A question on find the worst case complexity of Quick Sort (ans: O (n2) )

  3. Piggy Backing is For (Acknowledgement)?

  4. In POP operation of Microprocessor how it process the instruction Ans: It pops the instruction and decrements the stack pointer

  5. Where does Global, Local and static variables of a program lie?

  6. 3 questions on H/w. That I could not solve?

  7. 1 question on Boolean expression (a simple one)

  8. Static variables don't change their value as they are stored in

    1. stack

    2. data segment

    3. heap

    4. none

  9. #program pack (1) Struct a { Int a: 4; Int b: 45; Char c; } What is the size of struct if int is of four bytes. Ans is 5

  10. a question on bitwise operator

  11. int i = 90; Char * p; P = (char * ) &i; P + +; Pointer is I ncremented by 2, 1, 4 or none of these

  12. char str =? neha? printf (? hello \n? %s? \n? str); output:

  13. One question on page table. We had to find page size

  14. One question on memory access time of a program with given hit ratio and given cache access time. (revise the formula from OS).