Placement Papers: Samtel India Test Question Paper

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Samtel India was hiring engineers/graduates for its plant. Here is the recruitment test question paper held in January 2004. See the sample written test questions here.

  1. a is 5 miles east of b. c is 10 miles southeast of b. Find distance between a and c. Ans is root 34 (ans is correct, qs may be wrong).

  2. Distance between a, b is 60 miles, c is 50 miles from both. Find shortest distance between c and the highway connecting a b.

  3. Area of 2 squares are in the ratio 2: 1 Find the ratio of their perimeters.

  4. 2x + y = 2y + x find x-y.

  5. * ( * 9), * means twice the no. Minus 10, ans 6

  6. A tank can be filled in 6 minutes by a pipe supplying 5 cu ft. Length is 4 ft, breadth is half of length. Find height.

  7. x/3 = y/z then 9y2 =?

  8. 2 number on multiplecation gives 10, when added gives 7. What is the largest of the two numbers ans 5

  9. 36 chairs must be arranged in atleast 3 rows, minimum 3 chairs in each row, all rows are parellel. Find the number of rows.

  10. There are 30 socks 60% are red. Rest blue. Find the minimum number of socks to be taken out to have atleast two blues.

  11. A holds 40% shares. b holds 15000 shares, c holds 25% more than a. How many shares does b have?

  12. 75 % of distance is covered at average speed of v miles/hrs in t time. Remaining at an average at an average speed of s. Ans: Vt/3s

  13. x = y = 2z, x * y * z = 256, find x.

CPI (price index).

Being a realist.

Drug rehabilitation.

If one ate in the restuarant.

All are given in gmat guide