Placement Papers: Sapient Test 2nd round

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This is also technical round. Duration 1hr


You have to write two programs. In any language. Preferably c + + and java.

Program 1.

Name: Post-mails

Some conditions are given like if you cover some distance you have to pay this amount, if postal weight is this then u have to pay this amount.

Thus five to six conditions are given, you have to write the program to get the distance of post mail/sort/print/the result.

Very simple program just use if and else loop.

Given: Getdistance () is function which gives you the distance between two cities.

Program 2

Name: Compress and decompress the string.

One string is given like: Aaabbbbbcddddeeee

You hav to compress the string like a3b5c1d4e4

And it may happen while transferring the compress string some non alphanumeric characters can add in compressed string so compressed string can become a@3b%5c * 1d$4e4 like this you have to remove this extra characters.

Those who cleared this test hav technical interview round

Technical interview:

50 minutes technical interview.

10 min: Debugging

q1. They had given me one program for debugging. The program is in java. And don't hav any syntax error. Just logical error.

10 min:

Then told me to correct the mistake I had done in 2nd round answer paper.

10 min:

About My project

10 min:

curriculum/academic subjects.

10 min:

Extra activity like IEEE membership/achievements/seminars/paper presentation/competitions etc.

5 min: