Placement Papers: Sasken Computer science

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  1. Deadlock occur when

    1. Some resources are held up by some process.

    2. Not Known

    3. Not Known

    4. None of these

  2. A prefix expression can be equal to a postfix expression reversed only if

    1. It is left associative

    2. It is commutative

    3. It is right associative

  3. How many lines will be printed in the following Pascal pgm [I don't remember the Pascal version, so I am giving C version] void print (int n) { if (n>0) { print (n − 1); printf ( “%d” n);//println (n) in Pascal version. Print (n − 1); } }

    1. 3

    2. 7

    3. 15

    4. 31

  4. Maximum number of nodes in a tree with n levels.

    1. 2^ (n − 1)

    2. (2n) -1

    3. 2^ (n − 1) -1

  5. Complete graphwith n nodes have

    1. n − 1 edges

    2. n (n − 1)/2

  6. If d is the degree of a node in a graph and n is number of vertices then number of edges in that graph is

    1. Edin

    2. 0.25Edi

    3. 0.5Edi

  7. A grammar was given and 4 strings was given and the one which was not possible was to be chosen.

  8. A problem related to ethernet in which a station sending a frame is of p probablity. There are m stations to send pckts. 4 option was given. It was a mathematical kind of question related to probablity.

  9. Which of the following layer in the OSI model does error handling

    1. Data link

    2. Network

    3. Transport

    4. a & c

  10. A network problem in which Data rate, Propagation

delay, and distance was given and it was to find how

many packets will be in the line.

Choices where

  1. 5000

  2. Not possible to find with given data

  3. 1000