Placement Papers: Sasken Interview for CS Students

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There is Tech as well as HR interview. Tech interview

is the important one.

Tech interview questions

They will ask about the project. They will ask general

questions about it and most probably will not go into

the implementation part of it. So one must have a

general idea about the project done.

Interview is mainly based on Data Structures. Some

questions are as follows:

  • What is a tree, its application, order for insertion, deletion and traversal with worst case analysis.

  • What is a graph, its application.

  • Height of a tree

  • Balanced tree and how to balance a tree

  • Minimum Spanning Tree

  • Dijikstra's, Prim algorithms

  • Define a structure for a linked list.

  • Binary search and its analysis

  • Heap sort and its analysis

  • What is a heap and its application

  • Cache and its working

  • Memory (IO mapped)

  • Recursive fns and types, its adv and disadv.

  • Compiler (grammar)

C Debugging Questions

  1. What is the problem with the following code int * f (int a) { int i; i = a; return (&i); } Ans → We can't return address of auto variable as it is allocation is made in stack which is deallocated when the function returns.

    1. h

    2. c

    3. c

    4. c

    int i = 0 #include “a. h” #include “a. h” extern int

    i; void main { ____} || b. o c. o d. o

    Compilation Phase

    Linked to get exe.

    Will there be any problem in any phase. If yes then

    where and what?

    In linking phase as there will be multiple declaration

    of i.


  1. To find string length by using recursive function.

  2. To find fibonaci series by using recursive function.

  3. To write code for malloc so that allocation may be made fastly.

  4. Write a fn prototype which return a pointer which points to an array of 10 ints.

HR Interview

  • Introduce yourself

  • Why should we take you

  • What you know about Sasken and etc.