Placement Papers: Sasken Interview II

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In the interview, they asked about Stacks, Queues, Linked lists, Binary Trees.

Few questions I remember are:

  1. If u have a linked list library, how do u design stack and queue using it; write pseudocode.

  2. What are static variables and functions?

  3. Write code in C to count the number of 1s in a character (1byte).

  4. What is pre-order, post-order, in-order; write code to print post-order.

  5. Can u construct a binary tree given its inorder and postorder details. Is it neccessary or sufficient to construct tree. Asked an example to do in both ways.

  6. If recursion is not used to print post order, what other data structure u use (ans: Stack).

  7. Can u use stack always in place of recursion (ans: Yes)?

  8. What are meta characters?

  9. Write a piece of code to insert a node in a linked list.

  10. About malloc.

  11. About Operating System-Semaphores

  12. About Computability (eg: finding infinite loop), Complexity of algorithms

  13. What does compiler and assembler do?

They asked grep command in Linux. How do u search ‘\n’ using grep, in a file.

They may ask some other commands if u say u r familiar and recently been

using linux.

About Networks? OSI reference model.

what does transport layer do?

TCP belongs to which layer?

IP belongs to which layer?

Where is error correction done?

What is a connection oriented/connection less transmission?

What is meant by reliable transmission protocol? why is it called so?

What is flow control and where it is done?

About ur project?

Asked me expalin about the project in brief.

If u don't know anything, say it sincerely. U cannot bluff them. I too spoke

to them sincerely.

They were cool. U need not get tensed. They won't attack you. Just they want

to know ur hold about the subject.