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THE PATTERN IS LIKE APPTI 10 QUES AND OS conspects 10 and C 10 ques total 30ques ____time 60 min.

all of them are objective

the apti paper goes like this____they r in serial order at my level best i have noted for u, and remaining i am not sure.

in apti the answers having five choices, just work out and all the best.

i am not providing my answers … Solve them.

  1. how many 2 digit number satisfy the following… That last digit of the square of the 2 digit number is 8

  2. city B is 8 miles east of A, city C is 6 miles north ofB city B is 16 miles east of C city E is 12 miles north of D which of the distance from city A to E

  3. if X + Y = Z and X and Y are + ve, which of the follwing statement can be true

  4. if Xis a number satisying 2< X<3 y is a number not satisying 7<Y<8 which of hte following expressions will have the largest value

  5. IRA is taler than SAM, ELLIOT is taller than HAROLD, HAROLD is shoter thanGENE, SAM and GENE are of the same height

  6. some what big …

  7. which of hte following are possible values for the angle of a parrelogram 90, 90, 90, 90 all in degress 40, 70, 50, 140 50, 130, 50, 130

  8. for every novel in the school library there are 2 science books there 7 economics books. Express the ratio of the economics books to science books to novels in hte school library as triple ratio

  9. The entry an in a followng secequence is deterimined by the rule (a) if 1 is entry in the sequence the next five enteries are. n − 1 (a base (n − 1) and) square.

Computer Science-Questions

just iam giveng the question find the answers, as their was provided, idint find time to copy it sorry for that

  1. dead lock is an os occurs when 2 the string got by reversing the postfix form of a _expression (binary operator only) willbe given ti the prefix form of the same number onlu it is

  2. this is a pascal programe procedure p (y: Int); begin if y>0 p (y − 1) write ln ( “xyz” ) p (y − 1) end end how many time will p (4) write

  3. MAX NO OF NODES IN A BINARY tree of depth (k> = 1)

    1. 2 raised to power k

    2. 2 raised to power (k − 1)

    3. (2 raised power k) -1

    4. 2 raised power (k − 2)

  4. A complete graph has

    1. n vertices and (n − 1) edges

    2. n (n − 1)/2

    3. 2n (n − 1)/3

    4. n vertices and n edges

  5. If d is degree of the vertex i in a graph G with n vertices and e edges then (E: Is sigma in the answer)

  6. what is the error handling in the OSI model

    1. data layer

    2. network layer

    3. transport layer

    4. both

  7. consider the grammar s → iCtS s → iCtSes s → a C → b

  8. consider 1000 km round turn route with a teransmission rate of 100 mbps. Assume a propagation time of 5m/s. Consider a packet size of 1000 bits how many packets are nedded to fill up the lines along the rate.