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The test comprises of 2 sections

Technical (C) & Technical Subject-60 mins, 60 questions

Logical Reasoning. 30 mins, 17 questions____

⇒ Questions in C were mostly from “pointers in c” and “test ur C skills” by Yeshwant Kanetkar… C questions based on command line arguments, data structure (BST, tree traversals). All the questions were like “what is the output of the following program segment” and in many questions 3rd and 4th choices were warning, runtime error____ Heard they are asking abt-ptr, string, arr, preprocessor, data structures etc. C test was pretty ok pass by value, pass by reference etc. Questions were asked The general test was pretty tough, they ask u fourier transforms, harmonics, Barkhuasen criterion, virtual memory, Whether FIFO is better than LRU etc. 4 questions were from fourier transforms the duration was 60 mins and no negative marking

C basics 10 questions, very easy. Given a program and asked the output-type questons. From pointers 3 − 4 questions are there.

reg subject: Very very easy: Some from digital (on nand gates. Jk flip flop), from Information theory and coding, some from Micro processors.

In Logical Reasoning all the 17 questions were paragraphs (argument) of 5 to 6 sentences… Five sentences (choices) will be given below and questions were asked like “which of the five if true will weaken or supports the argument above.” R. S. Agrawal LR is sufficient


The questions were like this.

The text consists of two parts

C test-10 questions-Some questions were as follows, remember only a few.

  1. What is the parameter passing mechanism to Macros Called?

  2. void func (int x, int y) { x = 3; y = 2; } main () { int i; func (i, i); print (i); } If the output must be 2 what is the parameter passing mechanism called?

  3. which of the following code will swap the two numbers? -3 choices was given

  4. which of the following is illegal for the program? main () { char const * p = ‘p’ }

  5. what is the output of the following program void print (int * * arr) { print ( “0 %f, 1 %f, 2 %f” arr[0][0], arr[0][1], arr[0][2]); } main () { int a[][] = { { 1, 2, 3}, { 4, 5, 6} } int * * arr = a; print (arr); arr + +; print (arr); }

  6. which of the following code swaps the two numbers.

    • 4 choices were given

  7. if the string “this is a” is present in the code of a function such as ‘void func (void)’ where

will the variable stored in the memory.

CSE01 − 15 questions

In this section there was question from LD-gates, JK flip flop, sampling rate and few other

then there was a few from OS-don't remember the questions.