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HI guys. I m very happy to inform u that i got selected for Sasken Comunication technology on 2nd June'7. Its really a heavenly moment for me. I wanna share some my experiences with u.

Sasken is a very recognised company in the IT industry, specially in the Telecom, comunication industry.

The Procedures for selection are as below:

  1. Aptitude test (English-20 question in 20 minutes, Maths-30 questions in 30 minutes, C programming-30 questions in 30 minutes and Computer sc. 30questions in 30 minutes. The last section will b deifferent according to the branch for which u r opting the test. As i m from CSE thats why my paper was CSE paper)

  2. The shortlisted candidates were grouped into GD groups. As only 150 to 180 students were selected from apti test, the GD was called off, and we r selected for technical interview. There was two panel of tech interview, one for CSE & IT and another for ECE. I was sent to the CSe panel. And after waiting for about 2 and half hours outside the room, i was really afraid of what was waiting for me there inside. i entered into the room and with a smile i shake my hand with the guy sitting in front of me. As soon as he saw my name he got interested, becoz i m chakraborty and he was too. And after doing some formal talk, he started to ask me about Linked list, array, structure, malloc, free, RAM, cache memory, some simple questions from JAVA, pointers, OSI layers and their functions, CRC, flow error controll etc. As i told him before my fevourites are C, JAVA, i answered confidently every questions from these topics. After half an hour of tech interview, he told me “Ok avijit it fine, so any question u have?” i asked a company related question, and after that i left with a firm hadshake. And waiting for result, after 10 minutes a guy told me to go to the upstairs, and wait for the HR interview, oh god i was selected for HR. So guys from CSE have to b strong in C, JAVA, Networking.

  3. Again after 2 and half hours of waiting outside, i was called inside the HR room, oh it was the guy, who presented the PPT in the begining of the day at the college hall. I made a firm handshake with him with a confident smile, he offered me to sit down. After that he asked me some typical HR questions.

    1. Ok avijit, which branch r u from?

    2. Tell me why did u chose this college?

    3. Whats was the reason that ur JEE rank was not so good?

    4. What are ur weaknesses (He was not satisfied with the answers,)?

    5. Whats ur parents?

    6. Why should i hire u?

    7. Have u attented any interview so far?

Other Questions

The person was very friendly, but, i thought i never made him satisfied, but at the same time i was very confident and i stick to my answer to the last. That clicked and after 20 minutes of HR interview, i left the room. And waiting for the result, after 5 minutes another guy came from the room and told me to wait downstairs in front of anothre room, after sometime another guy took me inside the room and after some formal talk i was given a T-Shirt (i saw those who got selected had that T-Shirt, thus i was sure that i got selected). After giving the T-Shirt he told me “Sorry avijit i m afraid i cant give u anything more” i was shocked. Where's my offer letter. When i was about to leave, he tole me “Heres ur offerletter” Oh i started to feel in the heaven. Believe me frnd its the most memorable moment for me till now. i got the job.

So thats my experience. I wanna u to have the same experience too. So see u at Sasken. Best of luck frnds.


  1. 60 questoins on C Mainly qustions on Poniters in C-yashwant kanetkar C questions based on commnad line arguments data structure (BST, tree traversals)

  2. Logical Reasoning-R. S. Agrawal LR is sufficient hi, i have heard they are asking abt-ptr, string, arr, preprocessor, datastrucres. They may ask something more than this also. Test comprises of 2 sections, technical (C) and logical reasoning. Technical is for 60 mins, 60 questions… Logical reasoning is for 30 mins, 17 questions____. All the questions were like “what is the output of the following program segment” and in many questions 3rd and 4th choices were (c) compilation error and (d) compilation warning, runtime error… In reasoning, all the 17 questions were paragraphs (arguement) of 5 to 6 sentences… Five sentences (choices) will be given below and questions were asked like “which of the five if true will weaken or supports the argument above.” think u got an idea after this… But they clearly mentioned after the test that they will be selecting 7 or 8 people out of 124 attended for the test on that day……

Sasken Test

C test



  1. const char * p = ‘c’ which not allowed

  2. #define putchar (c) printf ( “%c” c); int c = 69; putchar (c)

  3. printf ( “%d” printf ( “ABC//” ) )

  4. int func (int r) { int static result; if (r ⇐ 0) result = 1; else result = func (r − 3) + func (r − 1); return result; }

  5. int i = 3; while (i--) { int i = 100; i--; printf ( “%d.” i); }

  6. file a. c

void test () { int i = 20; printf ( “%d” i); }

file b. c

void main () { int i = 10; test (); printf ( “%d” i); }

o/p is____


Deadlock, graph (2), error detection in which layer of OSI, find no: Of packets