Placement Papers: Satyam GD Interview 16 Jan 2006

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First of all i would like to thank chetana for maintaining such a wonderful group helping the freshers as well as the

experienced. Ur motivation thoughts are simply superb. Recently i have joined this group and recieved a lot of help

from u. Thank u very much.

Recently i have attended the satyam interview. The test which i wrote is common aptitute test so it doesnot belong to

satyam. But the GD and interviews were conducted by satyam.

Around 250 people attended and they shorlisted 103 students (it was both for freshers and experienced.).

first they will shortlist the students, for the GD.

in each GD 10 students were participating and the topics given were as follows:

  1. mobile phones should be allowed in educational institutions or not.

  2. do u support sania mirza on her dressing.

  3. comment on todays political parties.

  4. reservation system in india.

  5. hurricane in US.

After the GD they have selected randomly from each group those who performed well. The there was a technical


Based on the group i.e.. whether u r ece or eee or cse they ask the related questions. The question which asked me are

as follows:

  1. what is ur favorite subject?

  2. tell me something about transformers?

  3. Being a EEE why do u want to join satyam?

  4. do u know c more or jave more (as i wrote java in my profile they asked me. i said C and they asked all questions from java)?

  5. what is polymorphism?

  6. what are oops concepts?

  7. what are access specifiers?

  8. what are ejb contents/

  9. structure of JDBC?

  10. if C is the mother language then y java has been developed and used?

  11. explain AND and OR gates with truth tables?

then the HR interview

  1. tell me about urself?

  2. are u the eldest?

  3. what is ur life ambition?

  4. if we post u in bihar for 5 years, then do u resign?

  5. where do u see urself after 5 years from now?

  6. when will u get married?

  7. what would be ur prefernece to ur job or to ur family?

  8. ru ready to sign a bond for satya,

  9. any questins to ask?

thats it

they declared the results on the same day. i got selected.

(Paper Submitted By: C. Lavanya)