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  1. Are Indian cities ready for any disaster

  2. Was the incident that took place at world cup final by Zidane justified?

  3. Role of media in bringing awareness in the society

  4. role of media in bringing awareness in the society

  5. Pepsi and coke should be banned in India or Not?

  6. Agni

  7. Strike of Doctors

  8. Can we reduce the day by day increase of the oil price

  9. discuss on the Nuclear agreement between INDIA and US

  10. Is the war on Iraq by US justifiable

  11. Arranged marraiges Vs Love marriages

  12. Impact of movies on youth

  13. role of women towards the development of the country

  14. OBC reservations

  15. Youth in politics

  16. is Violence shown in movies affecting the young mind

  17. IT industries-advantages & disadv

  18. Role of UN in peacekeeping

  19. Position of Women in India compared to other nations

  20. Environment MAnagement.

  21. . Is China better than India in software

  22. Should SONIA gandhi be made the PM

  23. BPOs in INDIA

  24. Govt contribution to IT

  25. will punch lines rule the Advt

  26. . Premaritial sex

  27. is china a threat to indian industry

  28. india or west, which is the land of opportunities

  29. . Water resources should be nationalized


  31. Effect of cinema on Youth (Is it good or bad)

  32. Education in India compared to Foreign nations

  33. Is it necessary to ban COCOCOLA in India

  34. How to deal with international terrorism

  35. Cricket shud be banned or not.

  36. Present state of Indian Cricket team

  37. . Love marriage/Arranged marriage

  38. Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?

  39. Power crises in maharashtra

  40. Banning of mobile phones in educational institutions

  41. If I was a MLA.

  42. Return of Saurav Ganguly in Indian cricket team

  43. Reverse brain-drain

  44. Are women better managers than men?

  45. Reservation in education?

  46. Physical education must included in the curriculum?

  47. Is there logical to give voting rights to illiterate people


  49. Women Managers

  50. Youth Icon of India