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  1. How to deal with international terrorism.

  2. Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan?

  3. Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?

Out of 540 candidates 198 was short listed after GD


There are total 8 panels (2 modest panels, 2 tough, 2 average, 1 panel having very high knowledge, 1 panel where thec and hr round are separate). My no is for average panel.

In GD they not only look for your ans but main thing is your confidance. Speak with confidence, don't show any

nervous sign through ur body language. Here are some of the ques that are ask to me

[Interviewer]: Define yourself in 6 sentences.

[Interviewer]: What are ur strengths?

[Interviewer]: What are ur weaknesses?

[Me]: Well, I wont call it a weakness but I cant sat no quickly to any person or work.

[Interviewer]: What is ur family background?

[Interviewer]: Why should we select u?

[Me]: My first response was I am fresh (the guy started laughing after listening this). Then I said I am fresh so u can

mould me according to ur requirements, I have basic qualifications and a strong desire to perform the work given to

me, and the most imp I think is I am ready to work anywhere in this world.

[Interviewer]: So ur ready to go bhuvaneshwar also?

[Me]: U can throw me anywhere u want.

[Interviewer]: How much do u rate yourself in c?

[Me]: Actually since I am from diploma I haven't have c in my syllabus yet, but I am studying it myself, but before

my study is completed satyam has arrived (after this guy again start laughing)

[Interviewer]: Ok how do u rate urself in c from 1 to 5?

[Me]: 3 (I said so confidently that he doesn't ask me any more on c)

[Interviewer]: Explain ur diploma project.

[Interviewer]: Why u want to join satyam only?

[Me]: Bec I think satyam is the only company where I can secure challenging position where I can effectively

contribute my skills as Software Professional, possessing competent Technical Skills (this was most deadly ans that I have given).

[Interviewer]: What are u regret of in ur life?

[Me]: (This was a Yorker for me) after taking a pause I said, well, it's been a good life. Rich in learning and

experience and a best of it is still to come I think. Each experience in my life is a lesson to me in its own way. I won't

change anything (I hit a sixer to Yorker I came to know this by Interviewer expression).

[Interviewer]: Who is ur ideal?

[Me]: Narayen muthi

Remember the most imp thing u need for interview is confidence, patience, attitude. They will make u wait for a long

time outside the interview room. In my case I was waited for 4 hours outside, so be patient. Go with nothing to lose

attitude u will crack the interview.

Out of 198 candidates 119 was selected and I am glad to see my name in the list and finally I was no more

unemployed. BEST OF LUCK to all who is appearing for satyam selection process. Go with confidence____