Placement Papers: Satyam Paper 06 Aug 2005 Ranchi

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Satyam came to B. I. T. Mesra on 6th Aug 2005, and I got thru it. Thank u mam and all ur group members from whom i

was able to get questions pattern, gd topics, interviews etc.

Here I am sending the papers which I remember. I am from MCA (2003 − 2006).

The written test was of 15 questions in 30 mins (Appeared approx. 300).

(Shortlisted for GD: 108)

  1. A Basic program which u may take it as algorithm since nothing was mentioned on that. It was like; R = 24 L = R + R − 10 PRINT L (Some more statements were there but main code was this)

  2. Find the odd one out (Data are different). i> 312 ii> 369 iii>350 iv> 672 v> None of these

  3. age problem. A man is 6 years older than his wife. 20 years before the man was 15 times as old as his son. Wife is 3 times older than her son. What is wife's age (Data are different).

  4. Simple Interest Problem: A man gets a rate of 6% on a certain sum of money for first 2 years. Next 3 years 6.5% and after 5 years 8%. What will be the sum if he gets a total interst if Rs. 1200 in 8 years (Data are bit different).

  5. If Atul is the son of Zameer. Madhu is the daughter of Ahmed. Faisal is the wife of Ahmed. Zaheer is the brother of MAdhu. Then what is the relation between Atul and Sudhir? i> Cousin ii> Brother iii> Father iv> None of these (Ans: None of these)

  6. One problem on Figure matching which was very easy.

  7. One question on average of temperatures which was also easy.

  8. One question was like that there are numbers from 1, 2, ____1000. Every seventh number is cut off. And so on… It was quite long, i dont remember. I used hit and trial method to solve this. There were 10 numbers in each choice (four multiple). I just checked that whether any one of the 10 numbers is divisible by 7 or not. It would reject the possibility of answer. The option A consisted 10 numbers which were not divisible by seven. In the rest of the options at least 1 number was there which was divisble by 7.

  9. A para like Prof. Abacus is double degree holder and so on. i dont remember

  10. A problem on probability which I dont remember

  11. A man spends 10% of his earning on clothes. 20% of the remaining on House Rent, and 25% of the rest in shopping. Finally he was left with Rs. ___________ (4 digit No.) Whatz is salary (Data are different). Ans: Rs. 20, 000/-This is all i remember. The paper consisted of easy as well as hard questions. I marked 10 answers out of which I was sure shot of 9. I think the cut off was 8 or 7. Negative marking is there. Never do guess work and please solve urself and do not look into others. It will help u in solving the paper with accurate answers and u will b confident that ur answer is correct. Group Discussions: (Appeared 108 in group of 10) (Time: 10 mins), Shortlisted for PI: 43

    1. Effect on youth of Indian movies (my topic).

    2. Should GD be conducted so as to select students in campus?

    3. India and UN

    And i dont remember rest.

    My experience: I was not the initiator. Neither i was second nor third. When as the fourth person I started at a time 4

    people started too simultaneously. It was just a mess. I kept quiet. But I though this wont do. I just made all of them

    shut upand said, “Just maintain the quoram. Lets everybody speak individually” This was followed for hardly 1 mins

    and again the same thing happened. The our observer started to ask individually to some people for conclusion.

    According to me GD was not all satisfactory for me. But I got through:

    One of my friend was the initiator in another group and he initiated well. He thot now his turn is over and he just kept

    quiet. He was deselected.

    Interview Experience:

Technical (Around 15 Mins)

He asked about project, just the concepts which I used. Further questions were: I was straight forward and precised

becoz I didnt knew much in detail the answers. He was not at all grilling.

  1. What is a file?

  2. WHat is a pointer?

  3. What is data and information?

  4. Steps of Software Engineering. Waterfall model.

  5. Paging concept.

  6. Queue?

  7. Whatz the other name can we use instead of FIFO in Queue (Ans: LILO)

  8. What is Primary Memory, Secondary Memory, RAM, Working memory etc.

  9. Connection of VB and MS Access.

I did not answered many questions. Luckily i was asked the basic concepts only. It is beneficial to appear for the PI in

the first lot itself.


Very very simple. All the candidates who have appeared for Tech Interview was to appear for the HR. And then finally

the results came. HR was very simply. They asked about my 1 year gap. And next question.

“Work environment of Satyam” which I had written in “Why do u want to join Satyam” in their PI Sheet. It was very

sinple. Mainly they chekd our communications.

Well friends, just beleive in urself. Its very easy, simple. If ur communication is good, u can talk in front of 10 people

and have some knowledge about the main subjects like OS, C etc u get through. All the Best. U can do it.

(Paper Submitted By: Sarath Chandra)