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Satyam Paper 1

on 23rd September at cochin the test was conducted.

it was on usual pattern


  1. one pyramid question only top value missing

  2. Find the angle between minit and hour hand when the time is 16: 40

  3. Calculate simple interest with an amount in the time period from 17th march 2004 to 11th february 2005 with 8.35% rate

  4. One critical reasoning question like there are 2 cities A and B no of news paer selling in A is more than B and asked tell ur conclusion that not support the view that city A is more updated in current affairs than city B (4 conclussion choices)

  5. then a sequence question like 52, 101, 250, _, 357 (almost like that)

there are more questios Total 15 question and they where not so tough. I attempted nine and i think cut off will be 7

25 %-ve is there and attempt only those questions that u r sure

Group Discussion

after 3 weeks of the test we have called for the GD

I got the topic “INFLUENCE OF WESTERN CULTURE ON INDIA” The importand point in the GD that u should

raise one or two valid points and that should be in a clear voice. Do not get over excited and do not forget basic

decency. U r been watched by the moderator. Before GD moderator asked us to suggest some topics. I said “should coca cola ban in india” Some supported me. Also topics like “importance of GD”" Precident Kalam's View abt india

in 2020 where suggested. But finally moderator asked the above topic INFLUENCE OF WESTERN CULTURE ON

INDIA. I didn't ge the chance to start. But i can raise 2 valid points as well as i got the chance to conclude. If u r able

to start it is very good. But don't simply say good morning and we got the topic so and so, u should say some serious

points. But even If u r not able to start, u should talk apoint or 2. If moderator asked u to conclude it is also a great


Some other topics on that day where child labour, War on iraq is justified or not, exagerations in resume, reverse

brain drain etc. GD will be of 10 minits time and it will end very fast So dont wait for ur “turn” Attack! but with

minimum decency thats the key


it was on the very next day.

Frst we filled up resume in company format

I entered the hall with a pleasant smile. There was only one man for interview

[me] Good morning sir

[Interviewer] Ha Ha Morning Take ur seat

[me] Thank you sir

[Interviewer] well, tell me something abt ur family and edcnl back ground

[me] I told

[Interviewer] Explain ur project

[me] (Iam from EC back ground) I explained

[Interviewer] He was ok with that and asked me my favorite subject

[me] Digital Electronics

[Interviewer ] Means

[me] Basics like Flip flops, Registers, Counters etc

[Interviewer ] MCs MPs also right

[me] yes sir

[Interviewer ] what is a cell in mobile technology

[me] i explained

[Interviewer ] Explain abt Total cellular concept

[me] i explained abt cells, MSOs, umbrella cell, base stations, SIMs, etc

[Interviewer] Well, will ur project work if any network congetion occurs

[me] GSM usually not a prolonged network problems but one it occurs i said its a limitation (my project was based on GPS and GSM)

[Interviewer ] What is the diference between cell phone and WLL

[me] i told the hand off concepts and all so with that i tried to state that WLL are short ranged and cell phones are get

large ranges. But he was not ok with that

[Interviewer ] do u know CDMA technology is also using in WLL

[me] yes (but i was not so sure)

[Interviewer ] How r u in Internet technologies

[me] its ok

[Interviewer ] Tell me abt internet protocols

[me] i told some names like http etc, but he asked me to explain, then i said sir, i am not much aware of that

[Interviewer ] u r from EC right?

[me] yeah but we didn't come across with WAN, Internt etc

[Interviewer ] Well, tell me how u will connect 2 systems

[me] i tried to explain null modem concept (but it was not so good)

[Interviewer] ok ok. What r ur hobbies

[me] reading

[Interviewer] Rescently read book

[me] Firing wings

[Interviewer ] ok. Now, if i posted u in Puna what will u do

[me] i told with confidence that u can throw me any where

[Interviewer ] (he laughed) Ok look ur results on tuesday (it was on sunday) in our website and nice in talking with u

[me] Thank you sir.

I wish my heart filled all the best to u all