Placement Papers: Satyam Paper 13 Aug 2005 Kolhapur

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Here is the paper of SATYAM held at Kolhapur Institute Of Technology, Gokul Shirgaon, Shivaji University.

Kolhapur on 13/08/2005

At the Very beginning while they were in the Campus Of the College at 8.30a. m they urged the Students to properly

understand the Norms & about their Company through the Slide Shows. Then the Reference No were announced & the

Sitting Arrangement was Announced.

They absorbed only 10 − 16 students of the entire 281 students who sat for the Aptitude Test At the Centre.

It Consisted Of 3 Stage Process viz.

A: { Stage-1 Written Test [8.00a. m] (but started late at 9.30a. m) }

It consisted of 30 min. 15 Questions In All. ¼ negative marking.

  1. Problem on River & Boat & Still Water as a Condition-Easy Pattern Refer R. S Agarwal.

  2. Pyramid type Problem such as: 2 X Y Z A C B M N O Values were Provided for the Alphabets & were asked whether the Option was 2/4/9/16/25 & so on

  3. Family had 5 Children out of which 3 girls & 2 boys Find The Elder &Younger based on there Conditions Provided with respect to the age differences as 5 years older than previous, 2 years younger than the later & so on (Was Bit Easy).

  4. Problem on Icecream viz. 3 Vanilla to 5 Chocolates cones so the Friday sale would be what (Ans. I Guessed that it would be = 32, 34, 42, 45)?

  5. Problem On Metros viz: A is Delhi-mode Bus; B is Madras-mode Car; C is Mumbai-mode Aeroplane, D is Hyderabad-mode Boat, E is Kolkatta-mode Train, So Find the Route one will traverse by leaving no route untouched without having to halt the connected & visited route not more than once (ANS: It is Delhi to B'lore)?

  6. Problem on Speed (kmph) & Distance (metres): Find the Average Speed? Note the distance was in metres instead of Kms So u need to do appropriate Conversion & Find the Answers.

  7. One person walked 1 mile/hour-2days at this speed Then 64 miles in 2 days & 18hours. Find speed of traveling at 1st day?

  8. 50, 000 at 2.9%, therefore Money at 5.31% to gain amount at 4.00%?

  9. Mother in law of Fathers Son would be what in a very long term confusing relation was provided I am unable to pen it now.

  10. Random Number p & q if selected than what would be the the series if one with { = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10} was selected?

  11. If physics teacher = 100 (21/50); If Chemistry teacher =. (11/50). Don't know statistics =. (9/50). & left over statistics =. (1/50). then to compute some peculiar scenario was asked.

  12. A sum at a given rate of intrest becomes 1200 in 4 yrs. 2000 in 5 yrs. What was that sum.

    1. 2000

    2. 1500

    3. 2500

    4. 1800

    5. None of the above:

  13. I do not remember it exactly it was based on the population statistics & illiteracy rate some what yearly computation & dropage in Particular year was asked

  14. A program in c was given in the manner that t1, t2, t3, t4, t5 holded some conditions in a flowchart manner & one of the option to be feeded was: Ans: Pgm = t1 + t2 + t3 + t4 + t5

  15. Lastly in the Middle they asked a Heptic & Bulky Question which covered the entire Half Page but was the most

easiest of all questions ever faced to make the student Nervous or Lose his Temper. I hope it need not be told as it will

boost ur moral when u finally answer it in the paper.

B: { Stage-2 Group Discussion [10.00a. m (but started late at 2.00p. m) ]}

Of the Sorted Students after Aptitude Test they formed 15 Groups of 10 students each in all 150 Students.

GD topics 10 min. 10 memebers each Group.

GD Topics

Topics For Each Individual group was:

  1. Flood Situation In Kolhapur
  2. Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage
  3. Positive impact of Wstern culture on India.
  4. Dress Code In Colleges
  5. Effect of Extra marital affairs on marriage life & many were same as that
  6. Higher education in India or abroad.
  7. Mercy Killing.
  8. Positive impact of Wstern culture on India.
  9. Younger man should marry a elder woman or not (absolutely not. ).
  10. Love marriage or Arrange marriage.
  11. Banning new year party safe or not
  12. Political Parties At Centre Level& State Level be Regularized or Not.
  13. Copying the west.
  14. Working woman Vs House wife.
  15. Should mobile phones be banned or not?
  16. Should follow western culture or not.

The topics Concerned were More The Same In GD With those mentioned in the Interview Satyam test conducted on

11 June 2005 at JIIT Noida.

C: { Stage-3 Interviews [12.30 afternoon but started late because of Sorting at 7.30p. m]} In all 60 Students were selected for Interviews out of which 10 − 16 students made it finally to get into the Satyam Company through the Campus at 11.55p. m uptil late night of the heptic Schedule (Paper Submitted By: Nitesh Todi).