Placement Papers: Satyam Paper 14

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Hai friends iam ARUN iam very proud to that iam an SATYAMYTE My written exam was as usual iam very

confident but some fear My GD topic was “IS CHINA THREAT INDIA IN IT INDUSTRY” I didnt intiated and

concluded the topic GD was next day of my written I just interrupted the topic 4 times with some examples and this

time iam very much confident that I will select Then after my interview was the next day after my GD Very coolly I

went there we were asked to write about something (our wish) I wrote about importance of GD

Then HR round

I: Excuse me sir may I come in

HR: Yah! ____ arun come in

I: Gud afternoon sir

HR: Gud afternoon (with smiling)

I: Shal I sit sir

HR: Yah yah it is confined (by showing the chair before him) for u only

I: Thank you sir

HR: Ok arun any questions

I: Sir I like to do MBA is it possible as a SATYAMYTE


I: My dream is to become a HR like you sir

HR: I am not a HR they asked me to do this work for some hours

I: Ok sir my dream is to become a HR as an IT professional

HR: That means you have graze with monkeys like wat we are doing now

I: Yes (with smile in face)

HR: Why should I hire you

I: Sir I can deel people diplomatically

HR: Ok if I asked u to organize a valentines day function can u

I: Yes sir, I wil ask one of my friend who has a girlfriend as guest

HR: Ok nice if I asked u to organize a sriramanavami function can u

I: Yes sir, I wil ask devotionally sophisticated people to the function and I wil ask them convey the regardings of the


HR: Nice why should I hire u

I: Sir I am an optimistic and innovative person

HR: Innovative wat uyou innovated

I: Sir, I innovated water heater with blades

HR: Is it how

I: Simply connect + ve and? ve to two blades and dip it in water

For some the water wil get heated

HR: Is it nice

HR: Ok ARUN wil you do one thing for me

I: Yes sir please

HR: Go and cal the next one

I: Thank u sir

HR: Bye ARUN VERY nice and cool interview

He just saw my fluency and confidence

So don't loose confidence all the best friends let us meet in SATYAM