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this was the paper i've got in satyam online test.

there were 15 quests n 30min was given.

  1. a man travels at an uniform speed for upto 350km in certain period. If he increases his speed by 20kmph, then he reaches the target 2hrs less than his original speed. What is his original speed. Ans: 50kmph.

  2. there are 8 men n a few women. If they take at an monthly avg of 10.8kg of rice per head. Let the men take 15kg per head at an monthly avg, n that a woman take only 6kg per head monthly. How many women r there. Ans: 7

  3. A & B shares a salary of 10, 000. If A spends 80% of his salary n B spends 70% of his salary then their savings r equal. What is A's salary. Ans: 6000

  4. pick out the odd one

  5. pick the odd one out:

  6. some question on net profit of each share in 1997 or 1999

  7. a triangle has two sides as 8cms n 6cms. n they form an angle of 45deg. Whatz the area of the triangle (i don't remember the ans for this).

  8. the length of a rectyangle is 10cms greater than it's breadth n it's perimeter is 84 cms. Whatz the length of the rectangle is 26cms

  9. the sum of two no's is 48. The smaller no is half the greater no. Whatz the greater no. Ans: 32.

  10. A, B, C, D, E are five people. A is to the right of D, B to the left of E, between A n B C is to the right of A. Who is the right most. Ans: E (option was not given) so none of these is the ans.

  11. a person can hit a target once in 4 times. If he fires in 4 successions what is the probabi; lity of hitting the target.

  12. find the missing one some multiples of 12, 13 n 14 missing one is Ans: 126

  13. if dec 26th 2004 is sunday what day is it in 1912.

Ans: Thursday.

still two questions I'm not able to remember guys.

ok anyway i've cleared it by answering 10 of it.

ALL THE BEST guys. Be cool. The questions will be easy to ans.

therez a negative marking of. 25 for every wrong ans.

anyway thanks to karthikeyan n last but not the least chetana.