Placement Papers: Satyam Paper 1996

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Full Selection process

  1. Written Test → 15 qns/30 mins/with negative marking [ 700 students wrote-300 got through ]

  2. Group Discussion → Satyam's Main Elimination round [ 142 got through ]

  3. Interviews, HR and Tech at the same time [ 85 got through finally ]

Written Test

The written test consisted of questions which tested your core logic. The quesitons are all written in a twisted way, so if

you are nervous in the beginning itself, then time may go VERY FAST. Write the test as if there is nothing to lose and

in a relaxed manner; you will get through very easily. These are the questions i remember.

  1. You will be given about 9 sentences like. You had to identify the correct sequence of sentences. For eg: its damn sure that (4) is the first sentence. Likewise you had to writte the complete order

  2. A sentence was given and you had to calculate the number of a's, b's. c's.

  3. A quantitative question based on speed and distance

  4. Another very easy quantitative based on numbers

  5. There was some material in bags of different weights… Like 18kg, 15kg, 20kg etc…Two persons bought a total of 5 bags, but the total weight bought by one was double the weights of other person. Find out the weights of individual persons. Hint: Dont go for complex formulas and all. Check out the choices given and see which choice corresponds to “one person having double the weight of other”

  6. A large paragraph was given. And the numbers in it was given in base 3. You had to calculate the number of 0's, 1's, 2's and express them in base 3 itself.

  7. A supermarket tagged the item price, based on the following code (iam giving you a sample only, i cant remember the exact values) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Q P V T A C O R S D For eg: Rs769 was coded as ROD. Now one day, they changed the code to: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 U Z F P B L W S T G Next 4 questions were based on this. Under the new code system, whats the code for Rs. 482? → BTF

  8. Similar question. They gave the code and asked to write down the price

  9. A salesman made a mistake and coded the system according to old-code-system. You had to find the difference in price if it was coded in the new-code-system

  10. There are a few alphabets common to both the systems. Identify those[ans: Here it isTSP]

  11. There were 4 guys [say A, B, C, D] and they could send e-mails to each other through these ways. A can send directly to C C can send directly to D A can send directly to B D could send directly to C Now, they asked whats the best way for A to send mails to B. Ofcourse the answer was A to B directly in this case, but they may fool you with indirect paths.

  12. One had to make a fence with poles 5 feet apart. But when he did that, he found out that there were 4 poles

extra. So he relaid the fence with poles 7 feet apart and all the poles fit in correctly. Find out the length of the fence.

70ft/77 ft/73 feet/none of these.

I guess the answer is none-of-these, because the answer should divide completely by 7 and at the same time, leave a

remainder of 4 when divided by 5.

I dont remember the rest of the 3 questions.

Group Discussion

They divided 300 into 30 groups with 10 each, though there were some extra people in some groups. The topics were

‘Importance of UN in world peace’ ‘Environmental Pollution’ ‘Sports’ [the team had the option to select]. This is said to

be the main-elimination-round of Satyam, so make sure you speak something. Dont get tensed because, even for me, this

was my first GD and i went in as if there was nothing to loose. And i spoke about 2 sentences thats all. Also keep in

mind the basic rules of GD. It also depended a lot on the group performance. Even if you are getting stuck somewhere

and think that i GOT TO speak something, dont jump in and interfere, because if the group performs moderately

well, then a large number may get in. From our group of 12, seven got selected, whereas in other groups, as little as 1 − 2

were selected. We guys were not super-guys-with-excellent-communication-skills, but normal people who could

manage some english! And dont show off, for sure you will get eliminated.


Interview was both tech and hr. Iam just giving you the questions which i got and many others which i overheard from



  • Describe about your project

  • What makes Java, platform independent?

  • Whats bite-code?

  • Default kernel of redhat 7.2? [2.4. 7 − 10]

  • Difference between C and C + +

  • Whats a volatile and transient modifier?

  • Does JAVA have pointers? [yes they have, but its implemented internally]

  • Difference between C + + and JAVA?

  • Whats the equivalent of JAVA in internet today?

  • Whats JNI?

  • Main data types in C[auto, register, extern, static]

  • Whats object-orientation?

  • How does JAVA implement multiple inheritance? [extends classes & implements interfaces]

HR Round

  • Why do you want to join Satyam?

  • Describe about yourself

  • Your long term plans

As Satyam is going for huge recruitment, you can get in if you perform moderately well in the interview. Also, for other

brances, they were asking tech based on respective brances. I heard that mechanical guys got a lot of tough mechanicalbased