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Sample Test paper

  1. Wrong number in the Series 3, 4, 10, 32, 136, 685, 4116. Ans: 32 { (3 − 1) + 1 = 4 (4 − 2) + 2 = 10 (10 − 3) + 3 = 33. }

  2. There are 10 mangos, four of which are rotten. You pick two apples at random. The first apple is found to be good. What is the probability that the second apple is also good. Ans: 5/9 (Check)

  3. A man spends 1/3rd of his salary on food. Of the remaining he spends 1/4th on rent and 1/5th on cloths. If he is left with 1760, then who much salary does he earn. Ans: 4800

  4. A man from the top of a lighthouse sees a boat with an angle of depression of 30 degrees. It takes 10 minutes for the angle of depression to change from 30 degrees to 60 degrees. In what time dose the boat reach from that point to the lighthouse. Ans: 5 minutes

  5. Ram has y coins with him. Rahim has 5 times more coins then Ram. Robert has 2 more coins then Ram. How many coins do they have in total. Ans: 7y + 2

  6. An ordinary fruit contains 72% water and 28% fruit. A dry fruit contains 20% water and 80% fruit. From 100 grams of an ordinary fruit how much of dry fruit can be obtained. Ans: 35 gms

  7. Study the following table and answer the questions given below it

Country 1975 2030

United States 141 382

Japan 120 238

France 67 164

China 63 117

Italy 18 61

Germany 21 58

UK 15 47

Canada 5 17

Switzerland 1.5 3

For china assuming a linear growth in LMVs population, extrapolate nearly, the year beyond

2030 when the growth in population will be 108% (Don't know the answer).

  1. 2044

  2. 2032

  3. 2050

  4. 2038

  5. None

GD Topics

Are nations respecting UNO (My Topic)

Are women better managers (Most of them said yes. Try being innovative)

Arrest of Sarankaracharya justified (Most said yes)

Should Ganguly be retained as Indian captain.

Should euthanasia (Mercy killing) be allowed (Most did not have any idea)


It was mostly HR. It is very important that you be really confident. Good Communication is also a big

bonus. I advice you to be good at with at least one subject (preferably Operating Systems or DBMS) and a

couple of languages. For non computer students it is enough if they are good at c, c + + and some basics of

operating systems.