Placement Papers: Satyam Paper 2

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Satyam Paper 2

the selection procedure:

it includes 3 rounds: Written + gd + Interview (hr + tech)

written test: 30 min test, 15Q's of analytical ability with-ve marking of ¼ marks. I f u ans 6 − 7 questions correctly, then u

will hav high chances for qualifying, i met people who attempted 6 − 7 questions and i saw them thru. Barrons GMAT would be

a great help for the aspirants.

GD: 7 − 8 people in a group, they will allot 12 − 15 min. for me it was 12 min. 10 min for citing views and 2min for

conclusion. My topic was, whether the brand name is a way of life or not? the other topics were as follows:

India gifted the WorldCup toAustralia or not?

gd shud be the part of selection process.

Follow the basic rules of gd and do hav a say in the conclusion____ and Please do not interfere! GD is the man

elimination round for the Satyam. So B careful

HR + TECH: This is the easiest and the coolest part of the process. Basically questions o ur Project and basics of C, C + + and

Java. Most frequently asked questions

Diff. b/w C + + & Java, conectivity of VB with Database, etc…

Note: IF u are unable to ans few questions. Say sorry. Dont try to beat around the bush. I fu are not answering 2 − 3 questions it does't

mean. Tht ur going to fail. While interiewing hey basically check ur comm. Skills and confidence. So b confident.

PS: Satyam is going to recruit again next month. Its a massive recrui. Drive so oppur. Is there.

There were 3 rounds

1st-Logical reasoning aptitute test (15 questions 30 min)

2nd-Group discussion (10 min)

3rd-Technical cum hr interview (half an hr)

Logical reasoning had few puzzles like infy with ans, some analytical questions, non verbal reasoning. + 1 for correct ans

and-¼ for wrong ans.

Group disscussion topic

For us he asked us to suggest a topic for GD some gal suggested this topic “shoud GD b a part of selection process r not” and we were given that topic to speak. We got 2 min to collect our ideas n then started to speak. HR just was

pretending as if he is not hearing to us. But no body took it for granted n were alert in their talk.

I along with another guy spoke against it.

6 others spoke for it.

Some other topic was like “should sonia gandhi b made a PM or not?”

Regarding Interview, many were asked to explain their project n also some questions on C n C + +.

But i was asked some questions on antennas, transmission lines, digital circuits and CCN.

I answered most of them but did not answer 2 or 3. They just said no problem n were ok with it.

Reg qp

1 q was on non verbal reasoning, 1 was on arrangement of sensences in the proper order n another was like arranging

ppl based on their status starting from the richest based on some data given, 1 was on that grass problem usually asked

in infy n 1 more q was like this.

A person arrives to the station 2 hr b4 schedule. The driver who was suppose to pick him up at the right time in the

station leaves home to station so that he'll reach their occording to schedul. But that person calls home n leaves station

walking home after hearing that the driver has left he travels some 3 miles n get into the car n reaches home 1 hr b4

schedule how long is his house frm station?

Old papers wont help. They gave different papers for different batches.

I can't recall questions n i strongly suggest u not to depend upon the questions previously asked nor their pattern.

Iam sure they won't repeat. B prepared for anything, stress on logical reasoning.

They have told that the technology and the place for reporting would be their choice.

There would be 2 years bond.

I attended the test on nov 1st n 2nd.

Test, gd n interview along with the result will happen within 2 days.

some tips for GD

  1. Be alert abt what others r talking take a chance to give ur opinion, b sure that u have a strong n sensible point to speak out:

  2. Mostly ppl who initiate the talk r who conclude the talk will get through. Make sure u r anaysing the ideas of ppl there so that u can give a conclusion, there is a chance that u might b particularly asked to conclude the discussion.

  3. Be confident while u speak

  4. Stick on the point which u r speaking (far r against) dont deviate from the topic.

  5. Stick on to one side either far r against till u finish unless n untill u r asked to change the side.

  6. Make frnds with ur grp mets know abt them (i mean their names) b4 goin.

  7. dont rise ur voice unnessesarily (dont speak much with out giving others a chance) Regarding interview

    1. Dont show off too much

    2. Dont indicate that u r desperately seeking a job (i mean over react)

    3. Avoid wrong ans even if u dont know accept u dont know doesnt matter.

    4. Make urself well versed in atleast 3 relevant subjects to the company, specify them as ur favo subjects when asked.

    5. B confident while answering with a smile on ur face.