Placement Papers: Satyam Paper 20

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frnds i got in Satyam finally

don't think that this is out of a single day work really its veryhard to get thru once u go for half campus. Riding was not

that smooth 4 me

it started in DEC 2003 the haunt 4 companies (thou i am 2004 pass out)

  1. Soliton automation did not get thru written test

  2. Reliance did not get thru written test

  3. SCM did not get thru written test

  4. Amoeba telecom got thru apti then technical (oops! )

  5. Infosys did not get thru written test

  6. HP did not write the written test itself

  7. i-nautix did not write the written test itself

  8. Oracle did not write the written test itself

  9. Hexa ware got thru apti, G. D but messed up in interview

  10. Sasken did not get thru written test itself

  11. Wipro clrd apti, but failed to get htru interview

  12. HExaware took up the test again but hten i did not clr even apti this time

  13. CTS did notget thru the written test itself

Finally SATYAM

may be considered as dawn of my future finally i got htru this one

so frnds keep trying. Never give up set u r mind strong and keep working u'll succeed one day or other keepp waiting

and reg satyam

written test is easy 15 ques, 30 mins

some apti, 1 graphical que, 2 english oriented, 1 logical all r easy to clr

then G. D. Topics r easy better concentrate on wat u say it doesn't mean that u need to initiate or conclude but be clear

in wat u state and if possible initiate some if they didn't open thi\eir mouth

interview 4 me it was abt 40 mins

they posed some ques reg C C + + from my subj (ECE) abt waves (as i said i am interested in communication)

then they tested how u handle problems and u r problem tackling capability

they ask wats ur career plans and pose some que on that also

so try out u r luck only 4 me it lasted 4 40 mins some others only 10 mins.

keep trying if u have any query ask me i'll do all possible things to help