Placement Papers: Satyam Paper 2000

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Satyam Paper: Held on july 1st and 2nd in rnsit.

Around 3000 to 3500 students attended the test from 63 colleges from various part of karnataka.

201 students were short listed.

There were 3 rounds of selection:

  1. Written test

  2. Group discussion

  3. Technical intertview & HR

Written test:

Well first coming to the written test--this contains aptitude, logical thinking, reasoning, complete the series &so.

There are around one or two questions of each type.

Coming to the aptitude part--its from R. S Aggarwal. Some questions are

  1. one calender problem like--If 13th feb 2004 is sunday then wat day is 13th feb 1884. This problem is solved in Aggarwal book.

  2. The sum of compound interest and simple interest is (some value-sorry forgot). Find the sum. This prolem is solved in Aggarwal book (as seen from many previous papers of Satyam, calender and compound interest problem has appeared many times).

  3. Problem on complete the series (this was difficult. Sorry do not remember the values).

  4. One reasoning problem-4 figures are given, find the next one (this was simple).

  5. One small phrase and questions on that.

  6. There are 3 boys A, B, C and 3 girls P, Q, R. They all plan to study together by meeting at each's place each day.

always they meet at B's place before R's place in the week. They meet at boys and girls place on alternate day basis.

if they meet A's place on Monday then which of the following not true.

this was a simple problem but time consuming.

The main Point in this test is attend those with the ones which u are sure of

as there is negative marking (-0.25).

Usually cutoff is around 6 to 7 for 15 questions. So first be sure of 7 to 8 answers then go

for remaining ones (time consuming ones).

Group Discussion:

Here comes the main elimination round of Satyam.

Around 960 people were short listed for this round.

Each group is of 10 people. My topic was “Youth in politics”

few other topics were “is Violence shown in movies affecting the young mind” “IT industries-advantages & disadv”

“educational institutions” well some panel also gave the choice for us to select a topic.


Technical & Hr round are together. Around 350 people were short listed for this round.

For few two people take the inetrview (one technical & one HR).

Well interview for me was around 20 to 25 min but for others it was from 10 to 20 min. So usually its

from 10 min to 25 min for both tech and HR.

i am from Electronics & communication branch. The tech round was on my subjects like

Vhdl-difference b/w fpga and cpld, explain about the software used (Xilinx).

Fav field & subject-questions on that

difference b/w micro pro and micro cont.

Explain project.

In Hr round--tell about urself and family, why satyam, why should i select you, wat du u know about satyam.

well actually for me even Hr was asking technical questions, Basically Hr just checks ur communication skills and ur


and confidence.

201 students were selected.

Test is easy if ur r good in aptitude (aggarwal book) and logical thinking. But main elimination is in GD.

Go through their website before attending HR.

All the best. Be confident.

by Adithya. K. B