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Satyam Computers

Interview Procedure

The interview consists of two stages: Technical and HR. In the technical interview candidates can be asked questions


  1. Operating Sytems

  2. Data Structures.

  3. C.

  4. DBMS (for computer students)

    1. Microprocessors architecture of 8085.

    2. Digital Circuits and Logic Design.

    3. Basic Electronics.

    4. Communications (questions pertaining to AM, FM, etc.)

    5. Computer Networks.

(for electronics students)

The Satyam paper provided here is a two year old paper. The pattern could have changed by now. We will try to get

the latest papers as soon as possible. The paper is primarily divided into 2 sections:

Section #1

This section tests a candidate's logical and analytical ability along with the vocabulary. The questions asked in this

section are based on the CAT pattern.

For the quantitative part, it is advisable to solve speed and distance, pipes and cisterns and time and work problems

from R. S. Aggarwal's Mathematicatics for MBA or any other management entrance coaching material.

Other refrences: Barron's GMAT preparation guide.


This is the technical section. Along with the candidate's grasp on the subject, the section also tests the general

awareness of the candidate in his/her technical field.

You may also be asked to write basic programs like finding the factorial of a number, squares of n natural numbers.


About The Company

Satyam, a SEI-CMM Level 5 company, offers a range of expertise in the areas of Information Technology: Software

Development Services, Systems Integration, ERP Solutions, Product Development, Internet access & hosting services.

Electronic Commerce and Consulting. Satyam has nearly 6, 000 IT professionals, who operate out of its state-of-the-art

software development centers located in India, the USA, Japan, Singapore and the UK. These Centers work as an

extended enterprise (IT partner) for over 150 Fortune 500 and multinational clients worldwide

Satyam, a multifaceted, totally integrated IT solutions provider is engaged in application development and

maintenance, systems integration, datamarts, conversion and migration, Euro currency and engineering services


It specializes in customized IT solutions for industries in the areas of Manufacturing, Financial services, Insurance.

Transportation, Telecom, Healthcare and Power. The company also offers Network and network-enabled services in

India. It provides Internet access & hosting services, Intranet, e-mail, EDI, store & forward, and online information