Placement Papers: TCS Paper 237

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TCS Paper 237


Hi, This is Srujana from ECE dept n I'm glad to say tat i've been into TCS. TCS team visited our clg on 8th june n the

recruitment process lasted for 3 days. Out of 525 who attended 117 were palced. As usual the selection procedure had 4



This is an online one consisting of 3 sec. Timings r separate for ecah sec n u'll automatically jump to the next sec

  1. Verbal: As usual syn n anty from Barron's. But the high freq words helped me to answer max 2 − 3 bits. Next is the RC

once the time for a particular sec is completed. There is no chance for jumping b/w sections.

, a very lengthy one (nearly 2 pgs). Next is the sentence completion, u'll hav a big paragraph with blanks in b/w. For the

6 blanks u'll hav some 10 − 11 options (in the form of sentences) n u need to fill in them with the appr sentence.

Aptitude: Previous papers r more than enough, but my paper consisted of 2 − 3 new models but they r easy ones

only. u'll hav one Venn diagram (a very basic one) n one ques on DI. This is also a very general one n no need to refer

Barron's for this.

Critical Reasoning: I'm not sure but think tat therez a separate cut-off for this section (both upper n lower). If u can

answer max of 5 questions correctly u'll get through it. All the 3 ques in my paper r from Barron's (12th r 13th edition)

but there r some papers where the questions are diff, but the models are the same.


My technical was more like HR one. It started with the very basic ques (tell me abt urself) n later abt mu

family, hobbies n so on. Then they slowly jumped into the technical.

They covered topics related to EDC, micro processros (including progs), diff b/w digital n analog electronics, n they even

gave me a number series n asked to complete n tat was a easy one.

Coming to C u need to be vrey strong in this mainly the diff searching n sorting techniques including their codes. n

poiners, fns, structures as usual. And evn some basic progs like swapping 2 number without a third variable, reverse of a

number, fibonacci series, prime number n even some DS progs.


The main purpose of this round is test how well u think under stress. Generally they give u some puzzles but for me

they concentrated totally on my papers n projects n even a bit of technical.


This is the final one n even a more friendly one. All the above three rounds r elimination rounds but they generally

don't eliminate anyone in the HR round. There r cases where they eliminate but very rare.

So frns I wish u all gud-luck