Placement Papers: VERNALIS System Pattern 05 Mar 2006 Chennai

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The aptitude test consisted of 75 questions for a duration of 90 min. The questions were not separated as sections rather they were sequential. The paper consisted of basic english questions, apts and few technical questions.

The english questions were like fill in the blanks, choose the closest word in meaning, situation evaluation (like both condition 1and2 satisfy, only 1satisfy) and basic synonyms.

The aptitude questions were also simple and R. S. AGARWAL is more than enough. There was also two questions from TRIGN0METRY.

And in technical section, since they were recruiting for web designing (think so) the questions were from HTML, SQL, basic JAVA. HTML was more in number compared to other two languages. Questions from other two languages were very simple like in SQL how will you replace a name etc.

There was NO NEGATIVE MARKING and the paper is very flexible in time. I finished 15 min before. And about the company its HQ is in NY and this is an off-shore developement centre. Its a small developement centre over here located in two storied flat. Any way experience does matter. I got through the APTS and had to attend interview in their office. Will let you know once i go through it.

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