Placement Papers: VERNALIS System Pattern 19 Mar 2006 Chennai

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Vernalis test is very easy.

75 questions--90 minutes

25-apptitude questions (Very very easy, prepare R. S Agarwal-that is enough)

6-Logical Reasoning (2 paragraph-6 questions)

15-English questions (very easy-basic only)

they give two set of rules (X and Y)

if the statement begins with X then we want to check whether the statement follows that X rules. If the rule

is broken then we want to specify the rule alphabetic …


  1. statement must begin with the word β€˜one’
  2. numbers should be in brackets ( [9] )
  3. end with:

like that they give some rules. Then gave some statements like

X one is te________9

for the above statement

rule 1--ok

rule 2--not ok

rule 3--not ok

so we want to fill as b, c

i gave a sample statement only. Not an exact one.

then they asked

3 html (basic--mailto tag)

2 dbms

3 css

and some basic questions. Test was very easy.

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