Placement Papers: Paper YAHOO Interview Pattern Paper 2007

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Selection Procedure was:

  • Written test
  • Technical interview 1
  • Technical interview 2
  • Programming
  • HR interview

Written Test:

  • C
  • C + +
  • SQL
  • Regular Expression
  • Unix commands
  • Data structures (trees, graphs)


The main things u want to be sure to get into yahoo are:

Unix commands-they ask basic commands in unix.

aftter that they give importance to C, C + +

If u know perl then its an added advantage.

be sure with hashing too.

Some algo questions which was fired at me where

strcat ()

how to count the no of bits set in an no. He asked me give a soln in O (1).

how to delete the node in the linked list give the pointer to that node?

given two integers a, b how to divde a/b without using/, % operator… (repeted subtraction is not the solution).

Programming Round

In the programming round:

  1. Asked me to implement the dictionary datastucture with features

  2. autocorrect

  3. autocomplete

  4. spellcheck