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Hi friends.

Last week I wrote for YASH

This pattern is somewhat different to prevoius YASH papers wahich have submitted

When u sit for the exam they wil give answer sheet. On that u have to fill some personal details, Reference id if u have and sign.

The Whole test paper consist of 35 questions for 45 mins.

negative marking is there 0.5

First and second sessions are General English and Communication ability

They wil give some small (approx 3 lines) paragraph and give 4 conclusions and u have select 1 conclusion based on the paragraph-this type 3 questions

1 antonym

1 synonim

They give 2 line sentense in that underline part of sentense and below he gives 4 options u have to choose the corect one-3 questions

4 questions r some what diff

for each qustion they wil give 4 words u have to choose the correct one

for eg: Proceed-Procede-Procade-____

(i think this is based on pronunciation--but i am not sure)

Last session is apti____if u practise not much difficult

1 question based on age (easy one)

1 question based on time and distance

There 2 persons x and y. X writes 200 pages pre hour and Y writes 100 pages per hour. They are ready to write the book of 540 pages. At what page those peple can meet____?

Dollar value Year

35 1984 − 1985

39 1985 − 1986

42 1995 − 1996

45 1996 − 1997

49 1997 − 1998 (values are approx)

Based on the above they asked 3 − 4 questions

>What is the dollar val in 1985?

>In which it has highest val?


1 series prob (easy)