Placement Papers: Paper ZTE Paper Pattern on Mar 2006 at Chandigarh

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There were 22 students, out of which 18 were either 2004, 05 or 2003 passouts, I along with 3 others were freshers, Firstly they took a technical test of 100 marks, duration 1 hr:

  1. Write all layers of OSI Model and briefly explain them? -10 marks

  2. What is difference between GSM & CDMA? -10 marks

  3. Draw any communication model (GSM/CDMA)? -10 marks

  4. Explain all multiplexing techniques (TDMA/FDMA/CDMA) -10 marks

  5. Write about AM, FM & PCM? -10 marks


There were 10 questions of 3 marks each & other 10, 2 marks each, all fill in blanks along with objective type: Some of questions I m mentioning are:

  1. Which Modulation is used in CDMA?

  2. How many slots are in E1?

  3. CDMA 2000 has data rate of.

  4. Frequency range of CDMA?

  5. Which of following are not forward channels (Pilot, Sync, Access)?

  6. Class C specification?

  7. Bandwith of one time slot?

  8. How may bits are in one burst?

  9. Which of following connect two networks (Router, Switch, Hub)?

  10. CDMA Stands for:

  11. Two types of Frequency Hopping The technical test went excellent for me, after that it was time for 30 minutes aptitude test? Which had some tricky questions like:

    1. Which of the two countries have square flags?

    2. Which comes after gigabyte? Terabyte & then?

After that, it was time for group discussion (Topic: Is India Booming).

At the last they took an interview, technical along with hr, well for me they took 25 minutes to complete askin me questions. Oopes. Big inteview for me. Reg my 6 months practical training at Nokia India Pvt Ltd and general questions like why u didn't opt for MBA, why do u want to join ZTE, weakness 7 good qualities sort of stuff.