Placement Papers: Paper ZTE Telecom Placement Paper Pattern Held on 21st December 2006

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I had a great experience with ZTE. Firstly they take a written test.

Topics you should cover are: IP addresses TCP/IP and OSI models GSM and CDMA technologies in detail SS7 signaling. Wireless communication (Book Rappaport and Forouzen) Afterwards they made a group of five members each and asked our group to perform an activity (I think it was just to check your team skill) I was the person to give presentation about that activity and at this phase I was a bit sure that I will go through the selection procedure After that they organized a group discussion (this was a total new type of GD. For me) I was selected the group leader. Afterwards there was a technical interview (covering all the above mentioned topics) hard one off course! And finally I made through the selection procedure of ZTE. Thanks God I have been selected for their MSC operations. Waiting for the posting and project assignment now.