Placement Papers: ZENSAR Paper on 1st Jun at Meerut

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There are 3 rounds


Technical intrv

HR round

  1. Written it consist of 4 sections, each section has around 20 to 25 questns n u wud gt 20 to 22 min to solve. First section is english: there were fiil in the blanks, find correct heading for givn passage, reading passage, synonyms, opposites, grammar. This section is little tough bt if ur english is good then u can clear easily.

  2. Aptitude very esy questions on profit&loss, percentages, areas, volumes, time n work, height and distances, series, algebra u shud hav gud speed questions are vry simple. Coz my apti is nt vry strong still it was easy fr me.

  3. Logic puzzles from verbal rs aggarwal, coding, series of alphabets, jumbled sentences, to find correct sequences from given sentences, all in all vey easy section jst need gud speed.

  4. Technical

i foun it little tough n lengthy bt pepl with gud programmin skills will find it easy there were c, dbms, networkin. Mostly questions from c output questions around 10.

At last i wud like to suggest u that wn u gt ur paper start from first section then speed up as they will give seperate time fr each section. So wn u r warnd to turn to nxt section before 5 min thn dnt solve lft out questns instd check the probability of choices that are repeatin n mark those choices in remanin time in each section.

no negative markin so good luck for written exams. Next comes technical inrtv

my intervr was vry good. He creatd good envirnmnt. i gave my intervw at 9 in evenin. He askd abt my skils intrst. n ask acordingly. i told him abt networkin watevr he askd as this is my area of intrest.

he askd me abt google os, cisco os, as i hav done ccna from cisco. Most imp thin they will surely ask abt data structures, linklist codes, daa so be through with that. My tecnical was avg.

Last was HR

this lady was vry frenly. My communication skills r vry good so i was confidnt in this round, they chekd our patience by takin intrvw at 12 in night, chekd + ve attitude, ability to delivr uncr pressure. Well she was really impressd by my participation in diffrnt activities n saw a team attitude. So she told me sleep nicely witht ny tension.