Placement Papers: ZENSAR Paper on 2nd Jun

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

1-Written test

2-Interview (HR + Technical)

the written test comprised of four sections

1-general english

2-quantitative aptitude

3-logical reasoning

4-technical (c&c + + )

the test was very tough and maximum elimination is done in this round only

total of 200 appox and 76 cleared the written test and shortlisted for the interview. i was one of them

for general English consult (barren)

for quantitative apti consult (r. s. Aggarwal) and for technical consult (test ur cskills)

i don't remember exactly the questions but questions were of higher standard. The time duration for written test was 1.20 hours and there was a time slot for each section of about 20 min to each sections

the student selected for a interview were allowed to appear for both (hr + technical). Again interview was very tough and out of 76 only 38 were selected finally. I was one of them. I was asked basically about my project and field of interest subjects. I opt for e-commerce. So i was asked questions on E-Commerce technologies like Encryption etc. In the HR round the hr executive was very friendly and asked a general questions like

1-how was ur day

2-describe about yourself

3-family background

4-aim i life

5-what do you think about zensar

Be frank in ur answer and never think of bluffing the hr because they know everything about u just by reading your face. My interview lasted for 20 minutes. Therefore i would like to say u that just believe in yourself and on your luck. If its ur day then nobody can stop u. This is my personal experience. I was selected in my 10th company. So have some patience and just appear in the interview with great confidence and strong will