Placement Papers: ZENSAR Technologies Paper on 7th Apr at Jabalpur

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

  1. Written test:

  2. Technical interview

  3. HR interview

containing four sections





English section was easy one in which question were from basic grammar, vocab, and a short paragraph.

in aptitude there were easy questions from topics like profit&loss, average, series, syllogism etc____ but this section was time consuming so try to do faster

in analytical section question were from logical reasoning you can prefer r. s. Agrawal

in technical section i faced some difficulties because i am from electrical engg. Stream. But little knowledge of c/c + + may help u to qualify

most important thing was there was sectional cutoff so try to do beter in evey section.

after clearing written test i was called for technical interview. As i was from electrical engg. They asked me that ow much i am comfortable with c? c + + i honestly told that i am not comfortable but u can ask me up to a little bit. They askaed me quetion from c? c + + but i trired to give answers they were not exactly correct but i approached for that after that they asked questions from my stream where i was comfortable and gave answers …

after i was called for hr interview where few general questions asked i gave answers very confidently____ after that hr told me to write an essay on the toppic IT INDUSTRY IN INDIA. i wrote essay by giving some figures

and finally result came after along time wait and fortunately i got selected. Thanks yo god ____ so get prepare yourself don't depress it was my 5th company and finally i got selected so ALL THE BEST……………………………………